If I Become A Politician (Essay Sample)

If I become a politician

Politics have become a career for many people; our national politics is in the hands of the wrong people who engage in corrupt and immoral acts to fulfill their selfish interest without caring about those who elected them.  Many politicians in our country are self-centered; politics is driven by corruption without considering the welfare of those who elected them. Instead of being a public servant, politicians are behaving like they are the master and treated people in the way they like. In other words, politicians have failed to live up to their expectation leading the nation to a disastrous situation. I have given it a thought to take the initiative to bring about changes that why I want to be a politician. If I become a politician, I would be different from others; I would become a people’s person rather than a political deceiver.

Being a politician is not easy, but it can be rewarding because it gives me the chance to make a difference in my community by serving my people honestly. To be a good politician I need to work hard and smart and focus on running a successful campaign to in an influential position to represent my people at the national level by making the necessary changes that would improve their lives. My first step will be to expose the selfishness, favoritism, nepotism and corrupt practices.  I would also prevent them from exploiting common people with mischievous deeds by serving their interests. I would show people my resourcefulness by fighting corruption at all levels. I will also create awareness for people to know their rights and privileged and encourage them to reject the dirty politicians. My other duty would be to clean up the bureaucrats and ensure that all public institutions serve common people but not politicians. It would be my sacred duty to ensure that all resources are well utilized to benefit the common people, but not a few greedy individuals who like exploiting the poor.

I will ensure that I hold forums with my electorates to identify their problems and prioritize the problems in every sector. I would initiate long term and short-term projects based on available funds and other resources. However, my priority would be education. If I become a politician, I will upgrade local schools by renovating the schools and ensuring that the learning environment is conducive to attract many children. If I were to be a politician, a lot of money would go toward education the needy children in the society and empower young people to become responsible citizens.

Education is key to success for any nation thus I would ensure that most money meant for development will be channeled towards the education sector. To succeed in my mission as a politician, I would encourage investors, and other liked minded individual who believes in development to invest in my community. I believe that many people would want to help others in the community if only they could work with trusted people like me. With all these ideas in my mind, I would serve my country to the best of my ability, and I will not forget to serve those people who helped me to be elevated to this position. With these many good ideas, I am sure that I would be elected by my people to serve them for another term if I save them honestly no one would ever stand the chance of standing against me because people would not vote for any other person who does not respect their rights.

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