Ideal Husband (Essay Sample)

Cultures around the world have their distinct definitions and interpretations of relationships, and marriage in particular. Even more specific is their specifications for the partners in it. There is always a certain perception as pertains to the most ideal wife or husband. For women, various interpretations of an ideal husband exist. This has become even more complicated with the current generation that has a myriad of expectations when it comes to a partner.

Most modern women believe that an ideal husband is a handsome, muscular, financially stable, good cook and attends to the household chores. A man who is well-groomed wears expensively, knows how to kiss in public, spends generously is an ideal man to them. They want a man who would be soft on them even if they are wrong. If all these traits were the determinants of relationships, than most women would be single. Others would be long divorced.

While there are many of the feminine type who attend to this class of thought that an ideal husband should have all the right materialistic and physical characteristics, there is also the other group that is tied to the more traditional understanding of an ideal husband. This group believes that an ideal husband only needs to be loving unconditionally. Love is the essential trait of an ideal husband. At all circumstances, a husband should stand by his family. He finds time for his family and loves the all the members unconditionally. This boosts the intimacy and the knits the family together and consequently boosts the relationship. Love surpasses all things. Where love prevails, every pain and fear flees.

The ideal man is supportive. He is the head of the family as well as a breadwinner who splurges on his wife in whatever she needs. He ensures that his family is in order. No man has ever reached perfection, therefore he is ever ready to correct his wife politely whenever she wrongs.  He gives her a shoulder to cry on. He does not shy away from the household chores but lends a hand despite the ridicule from his friends. He is strong to encourage his wife making a mouth-watering dinner.

Assured protection, care, and appreciation are expectations of every woman from her man. He should be brave, strong and protective to his family. He should be appreciative by supervising his wife with gifts let’s say a flower. The woman should feel like a queen when she is around her husband. Honesty is another character of the ideal husband. A trustworthy husband is able to confide in his wife and share ideas openly to strengthen their relationship. This builds loyalty and sincerity in marriage.

Ideal husband needs to be skillful and good in communication. He should be smart and creative in his work. He puts pride and raises his wife esteem since he is most respected and adored by many. Moreover, he should be able to break the monotony in his family. A good storyteller who cracks jokes when he is with his entire family thus making them stays lively.

In essence, an ideal husband is hard to find since no man is perfect. As much as there are expectations for a husband, women should not set high standards for their men. Learning to understand each other in marriage is the best way to go.

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