Ideal Computer System (Essay Sample)

Ideal Computer System

Computers are a critical aspect of the human daily life. In homes and in offices, reliance on computers has increased, thus making computers an essential component for mankind. However, the completion of tasks and continued entertainment relies on how ideal the computer system is. This paper analyses what an ideal computer system is.

The ideal computer system is expected to host, for instance, the e-mail, blogs among other data. Such a computer would effectively play the role of the phone thus it would fit in the user’s pocket and its battery would, for instance, last for at least one full day. In addition, an ideal computer would have a powerful central processing unit, a large-enough screen and an efficient keyboard. An ideal computer system would also make it possible to access web surfing and play video games.

There are three types of computers. First, the desktop computer is often powerful, reliable, and has a big screen and can run various demanding tasks including heavy computer games despite its immobile nature. The fact that a desktop is stationary and that it relies on constantly being plugged into the wall for power purposes implies that it has several disadvantages for users who prefer mobility. On the other hand, however, such computers are relatively cheap and tend to be powerful and can be easily upgraded with new parts. It is possible, for instance, to add a better video card and a bigger hard drive in comparison to laptops.

The palmtop computer, on the other hand, is highly portable and can be used anywhere. Such a computer also acts as a phone and can undertake such activities as taking pictures. Despite this, however, it is relatively more uncomfortable as its screen is quite small. Such a computer is best suited to casual tasks. Thirdly, the laptop is another computer system that could act as a compromise between the desktop and the palmtop computers. Tablets have also proved to be ideal for many users due to the added advantage of touch-screen features. They are also instant-on-access implying that the user does not need to wait for the computer to boot up. Tablets also have relatively longer lasting battery life and have more comfortable finger gestures in addition to the advantage of e-readers which makes tablets stand out for extensive readers.

In the choice of the computers’ operating software, it is important that the buyer makes a choice on which system he wants to run, ranging from Microsoft to Mac computer system. As a buyer goes out to buy a computer, considering such aspects as the ones mentioned above would guide him or her to make a good decision. Various classes of users determine what computer one ought to buy. For instance, for home base, one might require a 24-inch computer with high processor speed and large memory capacity with a hard drive exceeding 1 terabyte. However, the casual coffee-shop browser would only require a computer with light memory and hard drive capacity.

For users who prefer to play games on their computer, then a desktop or laptop with plenty of power is needed, and it should have a fast processor and at least 8 GB of system memory as well as over 700 GB hard drive. For young users, desktops are better options as they are less likely to be dropped or damaged as compared to a laptop. Older users prefer laptops as such computers are more portable and have greater access to Wi-Fi internet due to inbuilt Wi-Fi connection hence they can easily get online. Laptops also have multiple USB ports which can enable the user to connect external devices.

In conclusion, an ideal computers system is dependent on the individual user’s preference. As users vary in age and preference, no ideal computer system exists. This paper has analyzed the various types of computers and suggested that desktops, laptops, and palmtops have various features and each user will prefer specific computer types based on their individual needs.

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