I Wish To Have Wings I Want To Fly (Essay Sample)

I Wish To Have Wings I Want To Fly

Whenever I look up in the sky it always amazes how much vast the blue sky is. Aside from the good view I always do wonder how it feels like flying with those soaring birds as they flap their way from one place to another. There are times when I wish to have wings that could make me fly.

Long time ago, there was an ancient Greek story that inspires me about flying. The story involves a father and a son that was locked up in a tower that is surrounded by bodies of water that the only means to go out, as it may seem impossible, is to fly away from there. The father, also known as “Daedalus” who goes with the titles like the master craftsman and the creator of the Labyrinth. The two of them attempt to escape Crete through flying with the means of creating a wings made of wax. But before they go, the father warned his son not to fly so low because the sea’s dampness may clog the wax wings and he needs not to fly too high for the blazing sun might melt the wax wings, to cut the story short in their way out through flying the sun enjoyed the wax wings that he forgotten his father’s warning and so he flew so high that the wax melts that resulted in his death. This story inspires me and the same time gives me warning about the idea of flying.

I wish to have wings for I want to fly because I enjoyed the view from up above the sky. I like the breeze of the air and the wind in my hair. I appreciate the small things like these and imagine if ever I have wings I’ll be flying from here to there. I’ll be observing people from different places, checking their cultures and habits because I like to see their way of life, also I like to see the marvellous sceneries of our nature.

If given a chance I’ll visit the magnificent structure of Himalayas, then roam around the Grand Canyon, visit and take a break at forests of Africa, see the other animals and study their behaviour in Central America’s forest. If possible, check the inhabitable island on different part of the world. When given a chance in my flying ability, I’ll check upon the sight of cherry blossom in Japan, be able to see the thick and ancient walls of Great Wall of China, freely roam the majestic villages of Korea, to be able to see the astounding dessert of Middle East with their Camels and Pyramids. To check the amazing beaches in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean, be able to perceive the different places in Europe, like the well-known City of Love, Paris, as well as the London bridge with the big ben Clock. Furthermore, be able to cross the lands of Spain and Portugal. Inspect the places in South America, like Brazil and so.

I wish to have wings I want to fly to be able to dance with the rain and be able to fend it off. To fly across the sky and see if I can help anyone especially those who are in dire need like emergency and try to deliver them to safe place and hospital. Also, be able to help my country by protecting them in the sky space. In general, I know it is very impossible for me to grow a pair of wings but I will enjoyed daydreaming about the possibilities and things I could and I would do when I have a wings to fly me from here to there.

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