I Support Corruption (Essay Sample)

I Support Corruption

Corruption is the process of taking an advantage towards other individuals for the benefit of one’s self. The action taken by a corrupt individual is to take away the resources of others in order to gain self-fulfillment. This practice is considered a mortal sin. The reason behind is that a person is committing an immoral action that degrades the dignity of their targets. This is simply causing a person to suffer from the benefit of others. Corruption is widely practiced around the world. The simple form of corruption is when a person does not return the change when they are told to purchase an item.

For some individuals, they support corruption. The shocking reason is that it is what their colleagues are practicing on a daily basis. Corruption is perceived to be correct to a person who is not aware about the rules and regulations committed by their colleagues. This is like they are supporting corruption because it is a way to create a harmonious relationship with their friends or any individual that is a member of their clan or group.

Other individuals say that I support corruption because they are forced to do it. Even if the admission is against their will, they have no other choice but to accept and apply it. The main reason is that there are individuals who are threatened so that they can continue their illegal practice towards other individuals or institution. Forced admission is not usually detected because the person who is admitting corruption has been threatened by the predator. One scenario is that people who were forced to admit something can be at risk for getting hurt.

There is another admission why people say that “I support corruption” because this is the only way for them to sustain their socio-economic lifestyle. Supporting corruption is the solution for other individuals to get away from their suffering life. These are stealing the properties of the organization that they work. Employees use the vehicle of the company as their own while attending their personal activities beyond their workplace. In this case, supporting this type of activity risks the safety and security of other individuals.

In an objection with the support towards corruption, it is important to apprehend violators of justice. Corrupt officials and individuals are comparable with criminal individuals because they are taking advantage of others just to satisfy their self-gain. Corruption violates several rules and regulations applied by a certain company. The reason behind is that there are intangible assets that are lost due to the corrupt practices of a person. This is through stealing the resources of an organization such as withdrawing the contents of their bank accounts and transferring it to their personal accounts.

As an implication with the issue of corruption, everyone should be reminded that once a person breaks the law, they are held liable for any consequences. The role of the law is to apprehend any violators of justice for harming other individuals, groups, and properties. Supporting corruption is similar to a support to any criminal acts. A person who commits a crime can commit another crime. A repeat offender may have developed a routine that makes them become compulsive to satisfy their anxiety. Offenders will never see the light of justice unless they are incarcerated to prevent a repeat in their offenses.

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