I-Robot (Movie Review Sample)


Movie reviews provides relevant insights regarding the plot and the message of the film to real life. It seeks to find out the relevance of the movie to the practicality and the application of a real-life scenario. This paper aims to discuss I, Robot, which is the chosen movie that presents about an American fictitious and action film that describes futuristic society that we can expect in our future generation. This is based on a screen story regarding the presentation of fictitious society that is run by artificial intelligence as it has alliances with individuals that promotes cruelty and abuse of power. The genre is obviously a science-fiction, representing how our futuristic society can become in the future when it will be run by various elements of technology fusion.

The movie is relatable in real life because it presents a society that is similar with our future generations. It depicts a dystopian society wherein our future generations will experience the dominance of artificial intelligence. We have to agree that the scientific portrayal of fictitious era of new technology will indeed a premonition in our future. The reason behind is because our present generation are slowly developing new research and application that are relevant to scientific progression so that our society becomes familiar and adaptive to the new world of inventions. In this reason, our generation will expect that there will be significant changes applied to the future generation for as long as it can generate an outcome that promotes new contributions to human lifestyle. We can relate our present activities with the scenes and events of the film because it symbolizes the true nature of human intelligence and scientific contributions.

The beneficial or the advantages that can be applied from the film are the inspirational influence of modern technology that is applicable to the present society. The reason behind is the applicability of technological developments that are now essential to transform the society into a productive and a thriving place for residents to live. However, there are setbacks applied by futuristic technologies because there are numerous platforms that can overrun database files that could hamper processing of information. Computer criminals will gain momentum by means of corrupting essential information that risks the lives and the security of other individuals, groups, and organization. Computer glitches will be more common, which has already been observed in the present day. The intensity of glitches of the modern society is a greater threat in the future where it risks the freedom of our next generation when there will be cyber criminals that manipulates database systems.

The movie is recommendable to other viewers because it provides numerous learning insights regarding the transformational changes that our society can address in the present day that can change towards the future. For this reason, the persistence and existence of technological advancements reveal that there are learning issues that can be learned about our future society that will shape up the next generation. The film provides an essential prediction on what will happen to the next society through the application of artificial intelligence. Although there are challenges with regards to the political systems and economic generations, the essentials of the new society could ensure that the credibility of our new nation can finally improve our lifestyle, which has been presented by the film to the public to reference our future (Proyas, 2005).


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