I Am Special (Essay Sample)

I Am Special

Every human being has a distinct identity. It is said that even identical twins have a lot that differentiates them, right from their DNA to their mannerisms and some aspects of their physique. No two individuals are alike, physically, spiritually, emotionally, or otherwise. In my case, I like to think of myself as a special person.

When God created me, he made sure that I am different from everyone else. My physical appearance is not shared by anyone else in the world. Two people may resemble but such resemblance may only be to a certain extent, and in certain parts of the body. The face, legs, hands, belly, or other individual body parts may look alike among two people but the reality is that my entire body cannot look like that of another person. There are times when I stand in front of the mirror and hold a conversation with myself! During such times, I ask myself such questions as “am I really the one?” “Is this me?” “Who am I?” I find my being to be completely different and likable, not to the extent of pride in my body but to the appreciation of the person that I am. I am special.

From another perspective, my behavior is quite different from that of any other human. I am a polite, humble, sincere, peaceful individual. Other aspects that complement my nature include the fact that I am resilient and ever committed to everything that I do. While I’m introverted to some extent, I also like socializing and lending a helping hand is part of my nature. I feel hurt when another human being suffers, regardless of the circumstances that caused the suffering. Much more people have mannerisms that match mine. However, their preferences and tastes may not necessarily be mine. For instance, I like watching soccer, I like my food served hot, I find talkative girls to be annoying, and I enjoy quiet mornings all by myself. My style and choice of clothes, shoes, hairstyle, among other such details, set me apart from the rest. I stand out in this regard. It is not possible to find someone else who matches my behavior and mannerisms, behavior for the other and one preference for the other. Even if such other person existed, physical looks would set me apart.

My biodata is also distinct from that of other people. I was born on a specific time on a particular day, date, month, and year. My place of birth is also special and different from that of other people who may share a lot of my other features. My name is special. I might not have personally selected that name as my parents did that for me but I have embraced it and I am identified by it. I know a couple of languages which can enable me to interact with other people from various backgrounds. My multilingual ability has also given me a chance to interpret information touching on various aspects of life. I have a job, not because I bribed someone to give it to me but because I am a competent individual who worked his way up the ladder to success. My fate, which is far different from that of other people, is in the hands of my creator. I can only plan, work hard, pray, and do my best towards the attainment of my fate, and this point to me as a special person.

In conclusion, my physical appearance, nature of my behaviors, tastes, and preferences, and my biodata separate me from other human beings. I appreciate my being and acknowledge the fact that I am special in many ways.

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