I Am A Friendly Person (Essay Sample)

I Am a Friendly Person

Making friends can be very difficult for some people, especially for introverts. They hate being in public and find many things wrong with people in general. In short, socializing annoys them. However, as an extrovert, I enjoy socializing with various personalities. Moreover, I never found interacting with others intimidating at all and instead, I look forward to attending events where I can be with people whether they are friends or strangers. I am a friendly person because I love talking to people and knowing about their lives, I like helping people, and I genuinely enjoy being surrounded with different people who will help me appreciate life better.

I take pleasure in speaking with people and learning more about their lives. While some individuals are not interested in communicating with others, I actually love diverse conversations. I can strike conversations with strangers and I will feel happier in the process including the result of making new friends. For me, great conversations are vital to having a happy life because I am learning about reality when I get exposed to what other people are experiencing, thinking, as well as feeling. As a result of these discourses, I feel like I am growing and expanding as a person. If I avoid talking to other people, I may have a very limited sense of what others are going through. Definitely, TV, print, and social media are sources of information about what is going on in this world but I believe it is different and better when I chat with people face to face where I can personally determine what they are going through. In my mind, there is a difference between learning by reading and learning by interacting. I appreciate and initiate dialogues that help me develop a deep sense of people’s lives, dreams, and goals.

Besides great conversations, I am friendly because I enjoy helping people. By nature, I already like providing any kind of support to others whether it is emotional or physical. As the eldest, I am a good listener and quick to lend a hand to my family. Furthermore, I extend the same practice to my friends and even strangers. I am the go-to person for organizing events and getting things done. At the same time, in my kind of work in the field of customer service, I practice goodwill all the time. I ask customers, co-workers, and bosses about their problems and offer solutions. If the first recommendation failed to work, I will provide other options until the main issue is fully resolved. I find fulfillment in being able to give any form of assistance to other people. In other words, I am a friendly person who wants to improve the lives of individuals or groups around me.

Finally, I value my extraversion because I sincerely feel happiness in being surrounded by many people. Socializing provides the opportunity to arouse deep conversations and connect with others deeply. One time, I talked to an old woman who has cancer and felt like quitting life. She said that speaking with me made her feel better about people and life. I am glad that I contributed something good to her life. Consequently, I like the noise of people interacting as I find joy in socializing with them. Knowing who they are and how we can support one another give me happiness. Indeed, to interact with humanity gives life to me. To be surrounded by people is to feel human! I know some people prefer to be alone to recharge but I am different. When I am tired and feel drained, I reinvigorate myself by visiting family and friends. To be happy, I need to be with people. I choose the company of happy people who spread positivity and give me motivation to live.

Friendliness is my nature and my practice. I am friendly because I like to talk to people and make sure that they are doing well. Likewise, I love the feeling of being in the middle of human activities. The buzzing of humanity is a joyful rhythm to me. If there is one thing I like about being friendly, it is that I know that I am not alone. Whatever problem that I will be going through, I am certain that I have individuals who will be there for me. Even at the lowest point of my life when I will feel worthless, I have a great circle of family and friends who will make me feel that life is truly beautiful and full of hope. Life will always be meaningful in the company of people who love and support me.

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