I Am A Camera (Essay Sample)

I have given the world memories printed on paper. These papers show what happened in one’s life. The day that your mother gave birth her son. The moment that a baby did her first step. The moment that a daughter blew your first birthday candle. These are the memories that everybody can see; to show what it feels like to be in that moment when it happened.

I can produce different memories. It can be high fashion trends, film poster, animals and portraits of people. These memories last as long as they keep my photos. At present, the people have invented a new version of my memories. They call it digital. My memories are now captured everyday by any person. I come in different forms. Thanks to the technology, people can keep memories anytime and anywhere. However, I think despite my importance, people have forgotten the real meaning of feeling the moment by simply experiencing it. I believe, that nothing beats having memories by seeing it by your own eyes – than my eyes.

I make memories more meaningful. When one is captured, they have my films developed in a dark room. Slowly the images show up from a film to a piece of paper. My memories are precious because once they can exposed to the sun, the memories will be destroyed. Maybe that is the reason why people have invented a better version of me. Not only they can have papers, but moving pictures that capture an event – a video.

Through me, the world has created a different dimension. They learned how to be imaginative. They learned how to make better photographs, and films. I believe films are the best thing mankind has even created because of me. Through it, people can make things come to life – heroes flying, great battles, aliens and outer space. I have created movies that people can learn from to: Psycho, Superman, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and more.

There are films that have brought people to tears and laughter. There are films that also are quite bad but still as important as any film being produced. I believe that through me, I have brought the people into their best creativeness – to make a world that we can never have. Because of me, I have made dreams come true. I have shown people the minds of Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan, John Hughes, Rob Reiner, and many more. They have created movies that touched the hearts of the people, scared them, and left the audience mind boggling.

I am what you think I am. I have been your constant companion in your everyday life now. I made your photos Instagram worthy. I made your profile photos pretty. We made too many selfies together – which could be quite annoying to some people. I am the one that captures the moments that makes your toes tingle; your hearts pound even more; and that made you shed another tear. I am the eyes that see through every moment that you have in your life. I am a camera.

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