I Admire My Grandmother (Essay Sample)

I Admire my Grandmother

Everybody has one influential person in one’s lives. Personally, my grandmother is the most influential person in my life whom I admire. My grandmother assisted me to grow into a caring, smart, and friendly person and that has really helped me to be the person that I am today. Many people have a pleasant relationship with their parents. However, I am a special case because the one person I have always had a pleasant relationship with is my dear grandmother. She is a wonderful woman and one unique trait about her is that she has never lost her sense of humor. She laughs all the jokes I make and that draws me close to her even more. She has always been the person to trust and I never keep any secrets from her. Because of her positive personality, my home is peaceful and rich of laughter. My grandmother is truly an amazing woman .This paper thrives to describe my grandmother and the things she has done in my life that makes me admire her.

My granny is a special person because she is kind to every person she meets. She raised her children and taught them to be kind, honest, brave, and pleasant people. Anybody who happens to know my granny knows that she is truly friendly and fun to talk to. One thing about her that I make fun of her the most is, she is short in height such that whenever I stand close to her I would actually have to look down. She is a beautiful woman and her smile can brighten the entire room and she has a self assured posture even though she is short. She is caring and forgiving because I once broke her favorite vessel and instead of her getting furious with me she forgave and advised me to be always careful. Another unique thing about her is that she is very patient with people and she is not even tampered. She is someone who is always free to listen like she has this gift of talking less but listening much. She doesn’t jump to accusations without proof and she doesn’t count on speculations but facts; what a granny.

My grandmother is an outgoing person, compassionate, and brilliant person who had no self image. My granny can well be a perfect example of a counselor because she is always advising people me included. She has always shown and advised me to do things in the right way. She has frequently insisted people ought to be discipline; doing what is right, what is just, and what is fair. I personally am a believer and a strong religious person because my grandmother too is a religious person and she always insisted that humanity would not exist on earth without the grace of God. Whenever I had a problem with friends in school or relationship issues, she is always there to support and hold my hands. She could play some music when am doing homework and still I could the hear tune of the music she played and all I remember are those wonderful moments of my granny.

In conclusion, everybody has one influential person in one’s lives and personally, my grandmother is the most influential person in my life whom I admire. I am fortunate because the one person I have always had a pleasant relationship with is my dear grandmother. Because of her I am the person I am today and I thank God for giving me such a big blessing in my life. My granny has always been a jewel that I will always treasure and praise for the rest of my life.

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