Human Relation Theory In Public Administration (Essay Sample)

Human Relation Theory In Public Administration

A relationship has been playing an important role in our society because it provides a new way of interacting whenever it seeks to accomplish certain tasks. It is a new relationship that initiates common interests between two or more individuals who want to establish a new connection with their respective job description. As a person who wants to initiate a trusting relationship with other individuals, human relations are an important procedure that enables a working relationship to become successful within the workplace. The significance of engaging in an efficient working environment enhances the credibility of the company to become competitive. In this procedure, the company becomes reliable as they engage in a productive pattern to ensure that their relationship with the operating institution becomes harmonious.

In public administration, human relation plays an important role to ensure that the productivity of the business organization becomes effective when dealing with different kinds of individuals or groups. The theoretical approach of human relations in public administration is the application of empathy with the public. The reason is that it addresses the demographic value of each culture of the public to ensure that there are no conflicting interests with the identities and practices of the organization’s performances. This is a theory that plays an important role for public administrators to consistently implement because it values the credibility of any institution that is serving the public. Human relations seek to value the trust and the well-being of the public because their integrity has the best interest for every service applied by the organization to ensure that their needs are met whenever they seek a relevant service in the institution.

The conceptual framework of human relations in public administration is the application of psychological method when dealing with other individuals. Assessment is important when dealing with critical issues to address the needs of the community. The reason behind is that it seeks to correlate with the actions becomes relevant to the interest of the public before carrying out a plan to establish a new relationship with the involved individual or institution. As a response, the application of assessment will identify the strengths and weaknesses that correlate with the human relations function to improve the productivity of the company. Addressing the concerns of the public or involved stakeholder will determine the actual problem that is emanating their well-being as well as affecting the relationship with the institution.

Human relation theory is all about the application of relationship encouragement between the two parties aiming to establish a new relationship or a contract with the stakeholders. In this case, the value of accessibility is important because it creates an idea to render services that are significant to the needs of the public. Self-awareness is important because leaders who will be serving as a public icon are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Acknowledging weaknesses is a sign that the leader wants to move forward and begin to process a certain action to improve their ability to solve challenges in the long run. Human relations theory is all about the acceptance that a leader should apply with the existing problems affecting their community. The reason behind is that acknowledging existing challenges will formulate new and efficient response that seeks to defy problems that currently affect the integrity of the operating institution (Holmes, 2012).


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