How To Write Narrative Essay About Something That Changed Your Life

How To Write Narrative Essay About Something That Changed Your Life

It is common to come across a life-changing experiences or encounters with a particular person that makes a significant impact on one’s life. People normally talk about these interesting things that play an integral part of their life and thus reserve a particular part of their memories to such occurrences. The revelations that a person makes may range from the extraordinary events to the simple or rather a common gesture that they hold very close to the heart owing to the impact on their lives. Life-threatening experiences that change a person’s perception of their life also forms a part of the narrations one may come across in different conversations. An essay outlining the life changing experiences is a narration from the first person perspective and follows the general structure of narrative essays giving a detailed account of events.

Narrative essays provide a breakdown of events in a limited number of words with maximum attention given to the author’s ability to engage the reader in the story to avoid boredom. The student’s ability to gain the readers’ interest is a critical aspect to consider in essay writing. It is easy to tell or narrate a story, but writing a narrative essay that captures the reader’s attention is an entirely different story. Hence, putting down to paper the events as they unfolded and how they changed or affected a person’s life can prove to be quite a task. A narrative essay about something that changed your life is totally dependent on the author’s real experiences and their ability to successfully recollect how the transformative event or encounter occurred. It is usually not such an easy task because no research materials should be used as they are also irrelevant in this case. On a positive note, though, writing a narrative essay on something that changes one’s life is integral to the development of a student’s ability to express opinion and imagination.

A narrative essay on life-changing moments has become a common assignment to students in various learning institutions across a range of academic fields. It is, therefore, common to come across discussions on how to write a narrative essay about something that changed your life, a question or an aspect that students should acquaint themselves with before setting out to write down their unique encounters in life.

How to start

Like in any other essay, a narrative essay on something that changed your life should start with an introduction of between one and two paragraphs.

  • The first paragraph should contain the essay’s topic which functions to introduce the reader to the main body of the article.
  • The introductory paragraph should not be too long as it may lose its purpose of capturing the interest of the reader. A precise introduction serves to lead the reader to the life events that are expounded within the body of the essay and upon which the author also makes the final remarks.

How to write body paragraphs

The main body of the essay also demands the author’s attention to certain details that ensure efficient delivery when writing an essay about your life. When you want to write about an event that changed your life, the essay’s main body should follow the following structure.

  • First and foremost, the student must give the reader a glimpse of the situation at hand. The creative ability of the author plays a significant role in bringing out or stating the idea and giving thoughts to it or simply explaining it.
  • An essay on life changing moment requires some reasoning for the event, arguing out of why the situation is important to your life, among other different ways through which the author states the situation in the essay.
  • The main body of an essay on life changing moment may also take the form of a thesis statement. The author may choose a particular idea in the thesis statement, the main idea, and validate it with facts and or other multiple proofs. Some authors prefer stating the thesis at the beginning of their arguments in the essay, though there is no harm in either starting before or after the said argument.  However, caution should be taken in the statement of arguments for the thesis lest you confuse the readers or fail to convince them.
  • It is important always to remember that capturing the attention of the audience and maintaining the interest is vital in writing a narrative essay about something that changed your life. Life events to write about in such essays may include a breakup in a relationship, meeting someone special, divorce, surviving a fatal accident among many others.

How to conclude

The conclusion of such essays, and like in many others, is usually a summation of all the main ideas outlined in the article on what or something that changed your life. The conclusions should be limited to the text which the author writes and not an observation from any other event related or otherwise. The attention and interest of the readers should not be abused at this juncture, but rather pampered with a good summary that is easy to understand from reading the text. The reader’s interest maintenance is the distinguishing factor between a good story teller in narrative essays and a boring one.

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