How To Write Marketing Essay

How To Write Marketing Essay (Complete Guide)

Marketing essays or marketing papers are one of the most common types of essays a student will encounter in your life. This is because papers on marketing are not only considered as school requirements but are mostly used in the professional field. Marketing essay writing is a very indispensable skill in the field of business, administration, and the likes. More particularly, marketing essays are very detailed and well-researched because of the fact that its main purpose is to provide a comprehensive and step-by-step plan for its readers about how to take persuasive action towards customers and clients in purchasing their product. However, because of its sheer complexity and importance, most writers are daunted with the idea of writing one. Thus, in order to help you, below are some marketing essay writing guide and tips to get you started.

Marketing essay outline

In order to write a good marketing essay, it would be best to have a solid and well-founded structure. To be able to do this, one of the most common techniques is marketing essay outlining. As the term implies, this technique provides an outline for a marketing essay, so one can easily form their ideas, set their milestones, and achieve their goals without missing them. In other words, this outline provides the writer a checklist of the things/ideas/opinions which he/she forgot, and make sure that it would be covered throughout the text.

Below is an example of a marketing essay outline about the topic “how to boost sales in the supermarket’s kid’s department section?”

Boosting sales in the Kid’s department section

  1. Introduction
    1. Background context
    2. Statement of the problem
    3. SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) overview of the problem
    4. Thesis statement (quick overview of your solution)
  2. Proposed solution/analysis
    1. The significance of the proposed solution
    2. Supporting evidence and case studies from the same context
    3. Projected result/milestones
    4. Potential risks and crisis management strategies
  3. Conclusion
    1. Summary

How to start marketing essay

By following the outline stated above, one can now easily write an essay draft to help answer what is perhaps the most difficult question any writer could ask, which is, “how to start a marketing essay?” As most of us are already aware of, a marketing essay technically starts with the introduction. Outlines are simply a way to help you get started and focused throughout the course of your paper, while a marketing essay introduction actually sets the trajectory of your paper and guides the readers as to what they should expect by the end of the paper. Listed below are some tips as to how to write an effective marketing essay introduction.

Tips on writing a marketing essay introduction:

  1. Make sure the main point/goal of your marketing essay is stated
  2. Point out what interventions should be done by the end of the paper
  3. State the SWOTs and discuss how would you plan to utilize/tackle it in the succeeding parts of your paper

After working on your introduction, the next step is writing the body of your marketing essay. Technically, the main body paragraph is where you expound what you’ve stated in your marketing essay introduction. In other words, this is where you provide argumentative support for the SWOTs and the interventions (planned solution). One important note which everyone should be aware of is all of these paragraphs in the body should support your main idea until you have reached your conclusion.

Listed below are some indispensable tips on how to write the body of a marketing essay:

  1. Always make sure each paragraph starts with an idea (which either supports the previous paragraph or the main topic in general) and succeeds with sentences which support the main idea.
  2. Keep the number of words per paragraph to about 300-400 words
  3. Use transition words to smoothly shift from one topic to another. Some examples of transition words are; and, nevertheless, furthermore, nonetheless, thus, therefore, etc.

After working on the main paragraph and building up your ideas, the next step is writing the conclusion for a marketing essay.  Mainly, a conclusion is where you again point out your ideas during your introduction and make a firmer claim about it (since you’ve already proven your point during the body).

Aside from this, here are other tips on how to conclude a marketing essay:

  1. Make sure you’ve pointed out every detail/argument stated in your main body
  2. Be firm about your point and discuss why it should be taken into consideration
  3. Visualize a projected result of your planned intervention, based on the data that you’ve found in your body
  4. Identify the risks which your intervention might bring

Sources for essay choice

In choosing the sources for your marketing essay, it would be best to remember that, just like any other kinds of an academic and professional essay, looking for credible, if not, academic sources. As a student, looking it would be best to look for these resources on your local or university library or even on the internet by searching for online journals.

Finalizing essay

Writing a marketing essay is not a simple task. The repercussions of the interventions which you’re trying to propose might become a big let down for the company, especially if you did your research halfheartedly. Thus, in order to finalize your essay, remember that it is always of prime importance to proofread your work, and ensure quick but easy revisions could be done with it.

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