How To Write Essay About My Favorite Food

How to write essay about my favorite food

People mostly write descriptive essays about other people, events, animals or memories. Rarely do essay writing companies offer guidance on how to write descriptive essays about favorite foods. This article will take students and writers step by step on writing. When students are given a task of writing a descriptive on favorite food, they get a platform to paint words and create a vivid experience for readers. Students should, therefore, strive to use vivid observations and descriptions rather than persuasive figures or facts. This genre of essay writing gives students the artistic freedom of observing and describing what they see, feel, taste, smell and hear.

How to start a descriptive essay on favorite food?

When writing this type of an essay, it is important to understand that describing the favorite food is the core issue, writers and students should, therefore, feel free talking about various aspects of their favorite food such as how the food smells or tastes. Before you start describing your favorite dish, it very imperative that you highlight some ideas or aspects of the dish you are about to describe. For instance, if a student chooses to describe pizza. A student might start by jotting down some words such as crust, sauce, pepperoni, spices, sausage, cheese, etc. once the student is done listing some ideas, he or she can start compiling descriptions for each.

The main body writing

When writing an essay about your favorite food, it is important you focus on the maxim: show do not tell. Descriptive essays need to be loaded with words showing writer’s feelings and emotions. This is because readers will easily experience what is being described to them.

Consider these two sentences:

  1. I served a plate of stew potatoes.
  2. I dipped the serving silver spoon into the already steaming bowl of stew potatoes. The spoon swiftly penetrated through the fluffy mound of potato. As I lifted the spoon and poured a pile of potato on my plate, I could smell the strong aroma of garlic, spices, and herbs that made my mouth salivate in anticipation.

The first example is telling us how you served a plate of potatoes.

The second example, on the other hand, shows readers how you served a plate of stew potatoes.

Applying senses

Writers need to use descriptive words that bring a clear, vivid picture of the food they are describing. The best way a writer or a student can achieve this is by applying senses. Readers need to be engaged through their imagination. Words such as warm, soft texture, cold, hot, etc. can spice up your description and bring a vivid picture of what you are describing. One mistake that students make is describing the physical characteristics of their favorite dish. Students need to focus more on feelings towards their favorite food. Describing feelings and emotions enables readers to easily identify and connect with your emotions towards a particular food. Explaining how things feel, look, sound or smell taps into the emotional reservoir of the readers, enabling you to achieve a deep descriptive potential. Make the preparation more enjoyable by including emotional issues. Talk about the aroma at some point, talk about its physical appearance, talk about how one feels when preparing the meal.  This unique description will go a long way in creating a positive picture for the readers, making them anticipate making or eating the food you are describing.

Organization of your descriptive essay

When writing a descriptive essay, it is very easy for many writers to find themselves in an incoherent rambling of senses and emotions. The organization is very crucial in descriptive writing. Students should strive to present their descriptions in a logical and an organized manner if they want their readers to have a deep picture of the food they are trying to describe. If readers do not understand what you are describing, the chances are that the description you have provided is a random, confusing, and jumbled mess. Readers need to have a multifaceted understanding and visualization of the food being described.

Revising your favorite food descriptive essay

After drafting your descriptive essay about favorite foods, it is imperative you apply the checklist below.

  1. Does the essay provide enough description and details that enable readers to gain a clear picture of the food you are describing?
  2. Are there minor, but essential details about the dish that you might have left out?
  3. Have I used words that show my emotions in my descriptive essay about my favorite food?
  4. Does the descriptive essay have unnecessary details and descriptions?
  5. Is the descriptive essay on my favorite food organized in the most logical and efficient manner?

To conclude, the primary objective is to generate a profound sense of appreciation and familiarity in the readers. If you feel that the readers will walk away after reading the descriptive essay craving for the very food described, embrace yourself, you have mastered the skill of writing an effective descriptive essay on your favorite food.

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