How to Write Creative Essay

Custom creative essay are some of the first lessons that students are taught how to do and tend to be much easier to learn. This is relative to the fact that creative essays are associated with the art of combining ones experience and imagination in one coherent flow of information to the reader. It is crucial to note that, as the name suggests, creative essays require the writer to come up with connective ideas. This means that the essay requires the writer to use critical thinking skills on the topic that they would want to bring out to readers. As such, this can easily be defined as text that is written in a manner that reflects non-fiction aspect of a topic, with special emphasis on the views of the author. It is crucial that the content of the essay embraces the element of truth with respect to the topic of choice. Some of the most common creative writing factions are memoirs and bibliographies. This is relative to the fact that these are essays that describe a topic, explain the different aspects of the same and explore further into its dynamics. The term non-fiction is crucial in understanding what is expected of the author. This simply means that the content as mentioned earlier has to be true and not created. They are account of a moment, event or an aspect that is true, but told in the view of the author.

Creative Essay Outline

This is the most liberal part of the essay, relative to the freedom that the author has writing a creative essay. Ideally, there is no standard format that the creative writer should follow after introducing the topic. The flow of the information within the easy is subject to the writer’s approach. This is to mean that, a single topic can be approached from a number of ways relative to what the writer wants to achieve, Academic reports that most of the students are used to, are designed to have some very strict structure; relative to the fact that they designed to inform and persuade. Thus the content has to be easy to follow and have some logical flow. In the case of the creative essay structure, the writer has to understand beforehand what it is that they want to bring out. As such, the outlines is basically going to embody the general creative essay outline of an introduction, body and conclusion. Given that the essay mostly relates to the emotions relayed, the author may jump back and forth as they try to bring out their ideas. They will then end with a conclusion that largely affirms their point of view on the topic.

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Introduction and Thesis Statement

The introduction of the paper is crucial as it lays out the ground work for the rest of the paper. In the section, the author highlights what it is that they are going to be discussing in the paper. As such, the section is not detailed and only gives the limelight of the topic and the argument. This is then followed by a thesis statement at the end. The thesis statement is crucial to the rest of the paper as it is the augment in place. Ideally, this is the backbone of the paper as it gives the readers the limelight of what the author is going to be discussing in the paper. As such, it should be clearly brought to better represent the author’s point of view and approach. It is important that the introduction is short and precise mentioning only the important bits of information in the paper. It is also crucial that the introduction is creatively written to get the attention of the readers. This is due to the fact that, it is a section that used to create interest in the readers to go on to the main body and follow the argument.

The Body

In the main body as laid out in the introduction of the paper, the ideas are first introduced from a general point of view. This helps the readers to better understand what it is that is being discussed and why it is important. The organization of the body is based on the ideas that the author wants to bring out. As mentioned earlier, this part of the essay can bounce around the ideas in the topic. As the author tries to make their argument, they are free to bring together different approaches that do not basically conform to the basic structures of a report. This is why it is important that the writer first premise of the paper and how best to bring out their ideas before they start writing. It is also crucial to note that, due to the dynamicity of the creative essays it is easy for the format to change right in the middle of the article. As the content develops, the writer may feel that a different approach will better bring out some of the ideas that they want to get to the readers compared to the previous approaches. As such, the body of the paper is quite dynamic and takes on a rather liberal approach.


The conclusion of the paper is rather a summary of the topic ideas along with the argument of the author. In this section the author brings to a close the argument and it’s important the readers are able to connect with the idea and the author’s point of view.

Examples Creative Essay Topics

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  2. How cultural competence improves patient outcomes
  3. Why health insurance is still struggling
  4. The elderly in the society are not benefiting from the new medical care systems
  5. The poor in the society still struggling with Medicaid
  6. Conflict at the workplace is an opportunity for growth
  7. Globalization as the main driver for cultural integration
  8. The refugee crisis is an opportunity in disguise
  9. Ethical policies in nursing set the quality standards

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