How to Write Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and effect essay writing

A custom cause and effect essay is a common essay type relative to the fact that it tends to follow a certain format. This is an essay that is commonly taught in high school and tends to be a form of writing that the student is taught on how best to connect their ideas relative to the various conditions that are present in the environment. Ideally, the students are asked to identify a problems and then they are supposed to come up with the various causes of the problem. This thus helps that the student to better connect their ideas in a more coherent approach. The student are able to explain the various causes of some of basic aspects in their environment. Most importantly, they are able to express the same in writing whereby their ideas are coherent and well connected within the text. In general, these are essays that that are used to explain how one thing has been the root cause of the other, or has simply led to the occurrence of the other. Ideally, the cause is what happens and the effect is what causes it to happen. It is crucial to remember that there are causes that considered to be primary and those that are considered to be secondary.

Within the cause and effect essay outline, there is a flow of ideas that the writer wants to bring to light for the audience to relate with. This is the most crucial sections of the essay, relative to the fact that it brings together the basic elements of the essay. Without a quality outline, the essay is not likely to come together in the best way, or make sense. In the outline, the writer should make sure that they are able to bring together the ideas in a coherent format. This is relative to the fact that the outline will basically be the guide to how the essay comes together. In the outline, the student needs cause and effect essay help the audience get a sense of the various links that exist to the causes. It is critical that the writer focuses on a few points, so that the audience do not get lost on a myriad of causes and lose sense of the connections that the writer is trying to bring out. The basic approach in this case is to begin with a thesis statement, which is simply stating the event to be studied; either a cause or as the effect and then simply connecting it with an effect or the cause in question.

The thesis statement should be simple, in that, it should simply be a platform from which the writer springs their idea to the readers. As such, the thesis statement is the guiding statement that the writer should use to bring the idea to the readers. This means that, if the statement is not properly done, it is easy for the rest of the body to easily fall apart.

The body of the cause and effect essay structure is largely divided into two parts, that is, the cause and the effect part and finally the relationship that exists between the two. In the first part, the writer brings to the attention of the readers the conditions that have to be available for the cause to take place. This is main the element of the support systems that the cause relies on. It is fundamental that the writer brings enough detail in this section for them to understand the present situation. If the writer has picked a topic where they discuss the way that technology has led to the loss of privacy, they need to make sure that they get the readers to understand some of the most common technologies that affect privacy. Ideally, this is a section that starts out from a general point of view and slowly develops into more specific information given about the topic and specifically the cause.

The other part of the body relates to the effect section. This is a section that is more specific that the first. At this point, the writer has identified the cause and thus the effect, simply competes the picture. Ideally in this section, the writer brings out the various aspects and in this case specifically, what the causes affect. In this case, the writer may narrow down to the effect that the said cause has brought about. This is to mean that, if the writer had been discussing about technology as the cause for the loss of privacy, they can now bring up a specific effect such as violation of personal freedom. This means that, at this point the readers need to bring out a specific effect that derives from the cause discussed in the previous section.


The other sections that is crucial is the relationship that exists between the cause and the effect in question. The writer needs to show the readers why the two aspects they have discussed are important to them or the reader.  Ideally, the writer is simply trying to justify why it is important for the reader to understand the topic in question.

The conclusion of the paper them sums up the main ideas in the essay. The writer may put in this section the basic understanding of the main issue and how understanding the topic in question will better enhance their lives, by appealing to the readers.

Example cause and effect essay topics

  1. How drugs affect education
  2. How drugs affect that health of a person
  3. How divorce affect children’s well being
  4. How cigarettes smoking cause cancer
  5. Why college roommates rarely get along
  6. How birth control has affects sexual practices among students
  7. Why romantic partners cheat
  8. Why racial segregation is fueling violence
  9. Why the correction facilities are not effective
  10. Why the death penalty is  ineffective
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