How to Write Analysis Essay?

An analysis essay could be elucidated as an essay that requires the writer to make an argument on a given subject. In some cases, an analysis essay may require the author to examine, evaluate, or criticize another author. Critical to the discussion is the fact that arguments put forward in analysis essays must be factual, objective, and current. This owes to the fact that biased or outdated arguments tend to lessen the credibility of analysis essays. It is also notable that developing an analysis essay outline when brainstorming your ideas or conducting research could help you score exceptionally well in your analysis essays. As evidenced, an essay outline provides a guideline for writing the entire paper by ensuring that the writer stays focused to the objective of the paper. By reading this article, students will be able to write grade A analysis essays with appropriate introductions, body paragraphs, and conclusions.

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What to write in the Introduction An analysis essay format resembles the structure of most essays because it must have an introductory paragraph, several body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. To begin with, the introductory paragraph always begins with a sentence that draws the audience’s attention. If you are analyzing a publication from another author, then remember to mention the name of the author and the title of publication under analysis. You should also remember that every word counts and avoid being verbose with an aim of increasing the length of your essay. Additionally, introduce any concepts that could help the audience understand the contents of the entire essay. Most importantly, put a thesis statement as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. What is the role of a thesis statement? It mentions what the entire essay discusses in an arguable manner. Upon understanding the introduction and an analysis essay structure, proceed to the body of your essay.

What to Write in the Main Body

The body of an analysis essay should have several analytical points with each point in a different paragraph. It is important to highlight that any point discussed in the body of an analytical essay should demonstrate how the point is related to the thesis of your paper. Imperative to the debate is the truth that all body paragraphs should begin with a topic sentence that introduces the subject discussed by the paragraph. Supporting sentences that build on the argument introduced by the topic sentence follow the topic sentence. Critical to the discussion is the fact your points should be supported with citations from scholarly sources. It is because citing from scholarly sources not only improves the credibility of your analysis, but also helps you to avoid plagiarism. Further, ensure that each supporting sentence is connected to the paragraph cohesively. Above all, finalize your paragraph with a concluding sentence.

What to Write in the Conclusion Analysis essay writing requires that such essays have a conclusion. This owes to the fact that conclusions give essays a sense of completion and prepares your audience to stop reading. Further, the conclusion should define the position taken by the thesis. In fact, it is why the conclusion must always begin by restating the thesis statement of your paper. The conclusion should also summarize the main points discussed in the essay because the summary helps the audience understand the thesis of an essay. Critical to the debate is the fact that a conclusion should not introduce a new idea or concept in the paper because it could leave your audience in an unnecessary suspense. Apparently, writing an analysis essay should be a piece of cake. Nonetheless, seeking analysis essay help could be fruitful when you find the task challenging.

Samples of Analysis Essay Topics

The main idea behind developing an analysis essay topic is to ensure that the topic of your essay matches the content of your paper. In addition, the topic of your analytical essay should be creative. Samples of creative analysis essay topics are listed below.

  1. A Good Writer: The Qualities of Sydney Sheldon
  2. The Essential Qualities of a Good Reader
  3. Gay Marriages: Do they harm?
  4. The Worst Effects of Crime
  5. Staying Single, Staying Married
  6. Facebook versus Social Gatherings
  7. Getting through College: What to avoid
  8. Debates: Do they Portray a Politician’s Qualities?
  9. The Role of religion in Law Making
  10. Gender Bias and Its Effect in Job Selection

Problem Descriptions for Analysis Essays It could be challenging to identify whether your essay should be an analysis essay. However, the following examples of problem descriptions could help you identify whether you need to write an analysis essay.

  1. Select a multinational organization of your choice and examine the market forces that make the organization successful.
  2. Find a journal publication discussing the effects of using marijuana and review the publication.


In conclusion, this article helps student write exceptional analysis essays by discussing how to write an introduction, the body, and conclusion of an analysis essay. It also presents samples of essay analysis topics and similar problem descriptions. Above all, it mentions that students could obtain custom analysis essays by seeking analysis essay help.

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