How To Write An Essay On Othello

“Othello” Essay

In general, there are a lot of ironies and there are differences that happen between what people expect and reality, appearance, and the actual one, or definition and intention. Moreover, the words in verbal irony actually mean the opposite. Although, in dramatic irony, there is an opposition between what a character is implying or thinking and what the audience knows in the future. Lastly, situational irony is referring to events that do not adhere to the expectations of the characters, readers, or audience. You also have to first identify the several types of irony used in the story and explain why they are important in the plot.

You should also know that characters are revealed through the language and Shakespeare is famous for doing this. Most of the time Shakespeare uses the lines of verses that are written in the form of an iambic pentameter that exemplifies nobility. This can show the duplicitous nature of lago, that he has the tendency to talk in verse when Othello is in his presence. One of the reasons why lago is considered a master of manipulation is that he uses the words of Othello to be perceived as the active instigator and make it seem that all dark thoughts come from him instead of Othello. In the beginning of the play, the speech of Othello is very sophisticated just before Act V ends, but because of rage, he loses eloquence. And Shakespeare utilizes dialogues to show the inner workings of characters.

When talking about the incoherent language in Othello and the manner it changes during the play, Othello is known to be confident in the skills he has while using a language that makes him sound rude. He does this despite knowing that no one is going to believe him. After that, he impresses his audience using a speech with forty lines to effortlessly combine words. However, the pressure from Lago is definitely extreme and the language of Othello goes through deterioration, hesitation, fragmentation, and inconsistent syntax. There are moments when Othello changes from his normal to effortless verse to almost being articulate to show how the extent of Othello’s passion hinders his discipline. In Act III: scene iii, Othello is still using comprehensible sentences, but it becomes different in Act IV: scene i, because the new words they introduce cause a frenzy. The words and images that lago plants into Othello’s mind in the play later becomes impressionistic, and sporadic.

You need to discuss the importance of race in Othello and this is one of the major features of the play because it refers to where he comes from. Actually, at the beginning of the play, Othello’s name is not even mentioned, but everyone knows he is different and dark-skinned. Although, Othello is not the barbarian being described in the play and he has more elegance than anyone else in the play. This is in terms of eloquence, general personality, and marital state. Conclusively, despite the emphasis put on the characters’ races, it is easily arguable that race is not the main factor because the story can still be told if Othello is white. While race is one of the main themes in the play, you can use this topic and write a challenging essay. You can come up with an argumentative essay about Othello and you can say why race does not matter in the story. One hint: you can use quotes about race but make sure to support them with examples of Othello going against negative stereotypes.

You must point out how loyalty is given as a positive and negative attribute in the play. It is because Othello does not have it and that is what provoked lago’s revenge plan. The ability of lago to deceive Othello by showing loyalty while planning his death is what makes his revenge effective. It is the belief of Othello in Desdemona’s lack of loyalty that finalizes their destiny and this is how loyalty can become dangerous if it is used for bad reasons. However, the loyalty of Desdemona to Othello is great and the loyalty of Othello to her was once a mistake. The fault is shown by ennobling the traits of the characters.

You also should analyze the role of Desdemona because she is barely a passive victim of the brutality of Othello and how her character shifts when she is not with him. At the last part of Othello, Desdemona is described to be the most passive type of victim. Smothered, kept from the breath of words that come from her husband, and she is totally overwhelmed by Othello because of his jealousy and physical stamina. Prior to her murder, Desdemona is exceptional for being more passive when her husband is not there and picky when he is around.

Writing an essay on Othello can be complex, but when you learn how to analyze and understand the play, it will be very easy for you.

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