How to write an Essay About Drug Program?

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Writing an Essay about Drug Program

Essay about drug program is aimed to show the positive influence of the program for drug addicts. This topic is extremely relevant nowadays as the number of drug addicts continues to increase every year. That is why actions should be taken at once, including variety of applicable fields.

Essay about drug program can help people to choose the best type of treatment program, as every person needs to be treated differently. The essay about drug program will present different types of treatments, the factors on which the treatment depends on and its role in getting rid of drug addiction.

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Types of Drug Treatment Programs

  • Residential treatment: patient lives in a treatment facility during the undergoing of intensive treatment. It lasts for the period of 30-90 days.
  • Partial hospitalization. It is an ongoing medical monitoring for people who have stable living conditions. You can meet this kind of programs at hospitals. They last from three to five weeks. and the patient will need to spend 406 hours a day.
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP) is not a live-in program for treatment, but it requires a great deal of commitment from patient. Patients of this type of program should meet at least three times per week and devote 2-4 hours for every meeting. The main goal of IOP is to prevent relapses.
  • Counseling is another good program, but it needs consistency and patient’s dedication to solve his drug addiction problem. Many doctors suggest use counseling in conjunction with one of the treatment programs mentioned above. It is a kind of follow-up support. Counseling can help patients to identify the reason of why they have started to use drugs in the first place. The counseling enables to build new relationships with family members, relatives and friends. It helps to cope with life difficulties, obtaining and sustaining new healthy lifestyle. It can be done through individual therapy, family therapy or group therapy.
  • Sober living is normally a continuation of intensive treatment and it presupposes that 2 recovering addicts live together in drug-free supportive environment. Sober living program can be useful for you if you are afraid that returning home and starting living your normal life can lead to the relapse.
  • Brief intervention is a prevention program. It is appropriate for the “risk category” group of people only. It can’t be used for those whose drug addiction has already developed into a serious problem. This therapy consists of several visits to the healthcare specialists for discussion of the negative effects of drug addiction, using the examples of life of real drug addicts. essay-about-drug-program

Facts & Details in Essay about Drug Program

The duration of each drug program depends on the length of actual period the drug addiction and its intensity. The longer the patient had a drug abuse, the longer he will have to spend in treatment, trying different tools and techniques. Nevertheless, above all, the person should be 100% motivated to follow all assignments, rules and requirements of a given drug program to be successful.

Drug abuse programs are highly effective if the patient has a desire to recover fully. It should be drug addict’s decision to get rid of the harmful habit. Another important issue of recovering from drug addiction is a follow-up program. Because those who decided to overcome drug abuse should fight not only against the problem itself, but against its after-effects as well. The patient should overcome physical and emotional pain as well as other life problems, resulting in drug addiction abuse.

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As you can see there are numerous ways for drug addicts to overcome the drug addiction. We have listed a general suggestions to how you essay about drug program can be build. It is completely up to you what details you wish to focus on, while writing your essay about drug programs, addressing fully their functionality and positive effects. If you need additional help, we can help you write your essay in the professional manner. essay-about-drug-program

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