How to Write an Essay About Death Penalty

How to Write my Essay about Death Penalty?

The death penalty is a controversial popular topic that has vastly been debated on all over the world. It is an interesting topic that a student can easily write a research paper on, and different students will have diverse opinions to put across regarding the subject. Some would like to write a persuasive essay where they take a side either to support the death penalty or to stand against and provide reasons as to why you have taken that side on the topic in a way that is convincing to the reader. The students can also write an argumentative essay where they present points on both sides but deliver their enthusiasm in the end. Thus, the paper seeks to provide tips on how to write both persuasive and argumentative essays on this topic.


According to best essay writers, to write a convincing, persuasive essay that can attract the reader’s attention, one ought to make a firm decision on where to stand; for or against the death penalty. Look for reasons to support your stand. You can use the common opinions people make about the topic to gather evidence to support your stand. Ensure that every detail you provide is in line with the side of the topic you have taken. Once you have gathered enough reasons to present your position, try to structure them into persuasive pieces. Let there be clear evidence to support your side. Present enough evidence that can justify why you think the audience should see the topic from where you stand. Enhance your points with statistical data and other reliable facts that can persuade the reader. However, if one is interested to write an essay that, meets the above guidelines, the can get the help from custom research paper centers.

Furthermore, you should stretch into knowing more about why other people take the opposite stand on the matter. Make a review of reasons why people are divided on the topic; why are some people for while others are against. Formulate your essay in a way it goes against the ideas presented by individuals who take the opposite stand on the subject. Finally, ensure that your evidence is providing solid grounds that will make the readers view the subject from your perspective. Each reason should be backed by supporting points and tangible evidence.


On the other hand, the student can get essay helps from professional essay writer on ways to write an argumentative essay so as to balance and compile all the arguments. View things from a different angle so as to generate more ideas on the topic. Do not narrow your mind to taking a stance. Research thoroughly on the subject before creating your passionate points.  Do not allow biases to dominate your essay rather provide insights on your passionate points.

Many research paper writings centers insist that proper essays should be divided into three parts; introduction, body and the conclusion. Introduction part comprises of three sub-parts. It should have a sentence which a sentence that explains the relevance of the topic and highlight why it is interesting.  It is followed by a couple of sentences explaining the issues involved in the topic, and the last part delineates what the whole essay is about. The body presents the reasons that the student presents to support his or her stand on the topic. The learner should provide all the evidence he or she has gathered to support the reasons give. The last part is a conclusion which highlights the main points in the essay plus the verdict of the student in the case of argumentative essay.

Reasons why Death Penalty is a Popular Topic

The death penalty is a topic that is widely debated on throughout the world mainly due to the strong opinions held by people who advocate for against those who are antagonistic towards the punishment. Human rights activists, leading antagonists, are occasionally on the streets to protest this type of punishment. Additionally, the topic is also popular in research paper writing where research writers chose to investigate in the impacts and aspects of death penalty globally. The death penalty is widespread among countries worldwide. The sentence also goes against the person’s democratic right to live which has seen most people raise an alarm as they argue and debate on democracy versus death penalty. It is for these reasons that the research paper help centers urges their clients to write both persuasive and argumentative essays on this topic so as to provide them with an opportunity to air their views on the issue.

Critical Writing Steps in Death Penalty Essays

Many custom research paper centers insist on the following steps to write a high quality essay. The first step should involve asking yourself a few questions on the topic. For example, is there a possibility that the people being sentenced to death penalty are innocent? Which other ways would people receive justice apart from death penalty? What are the social concerns about capital punishment? How many countries use capital punishment? The answers you coin for these questions will help you develop a stand as well as gathering evidence for your position. Now move to the second step which involves researching on the topic to gather more facts about the topic so as to validate your position on the matter. Assume that you know nothing on the death penalty and do an exhaustive research to make your essay stand out.

According to research paper help, once you have all the points you want to present. Re-arrange them so that your essay can have a good flow of ideas. The reason should be followed by evidence and statistical facts you have gathered to convince the reader. Start with points which are more persuasive. The second last step will be displaying your enthusiasm in the essay where you show your passion in the topic as you deliver the verdict.  To finish up writing my essay, I ought to sum up the major points in your article.

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