How to Write an Essay About Cold War

How to write my essay about Cold War?

The Cold War remains as one of the most famous topics. Many authors have documented the events that took place detailing how the Cold War started until its end. The main reason for the popularity of the topic is due to the massive investments that the two rivals made in propaganda meant to influence people around the world, especially via motion pictures. As a result, the media focused extensively on the topic and documented the developments of the war. The entertainment media also popularized the subject with the creation of various feature films with themes of the war. Additionally, Cold War has become an important topic that students learn in schools hence the topic has continued to dominate in the society.


Before writing an article on the Cold War, essay writers need to be aware of the sources of their information. Research paper writing requires a thorough research into the topic to ensure that the piece is credible. Some of the Cold War historians are known for having their works full of moral judgements deeply hidden. Although these sources may be useful, it is important to carry out a background check on who the author is. For example, authors who used to work for the State Department may be biased hence the need to filter some of their ideas. So, it is important to know the personality of an author and whether their points are neutral or not to avoid a biased essay. Additionally, the sources must be credible so that the article reflects the topic well. If possible, use peer-reviewed articles and reliable books to cite the essay. Avoid most of the internet sources and online custom research papers. In case you have a problem, please be free to ask the instructor for research paper help. The instructor will offer any essay help that you require and advice on how to write your essay.

The research paper must begin by explaining the meaning of the Cold War and those who were involved in it. A reader should be able to understand the significance of the term “Cold War” clearly. The essay should include the timeline of the Cold War to show that it did not occur in a day. The timeline should be composed of three sections; pre-Cold War, the Cold War and post-Cold War. The pre-Cold War gives the series of events that led to the war. It should show how the U.S sent armaments to Russia to help in fighting Hitler, then how after the defeat of the Germany, Russia began implementing communist ideology in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria and how America became suspicious. A reader must be able to understand how the U.S. and the Soviet Union who were allies during World War II became enemies and began a global struggle.


The writer can now focus on the actual events that took place during the Cold War. Indicate how the tension between the two parties worsened such that each headed for a massive disaster. Some of the important events that took place during the actual Cold War include the Cuban Missile crisis and the deconstruction of the Berlin wall.

The essay should outline the results of the war. The paper should include the fear that was created hence the large manufacture of sophisticated weapons. It should also indicate how third world countries were created especially in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Explain on the unnecessary expenditure in the production of weapons and how it prevented the improvement of the standards of living. Lastly, its effect on the world peace needs careful attention to explain how the war created an atmosphere for disbelief which is not healthy for the peace of the whole world.

The paper should also indicate how the war ended. With the reasons why the war ended, please note that this occurred because the Soviet Union became bankrupt both politically and economically hence it collapsed of its weight.

Post-cold war refers to the events that take place after the Cold War ended. State how Russia cut on their spending on the military and how the economy was devastated with millions of people unemployed. Include also how the United States and Germany experienced a recession in the early 1990s. Show how the Cold War continues to exert influence on the affairs of the world. Indicate that although the Cold War is officially over as the USSR, one of the rivals no longer exists, the war is not completely over in some parts of Eastern Europe. Show how some Communist Party Members who are no longer in power have influence because they now control huge firms they acquired at the end of the Soviet Union. Similarly, indicate that the U.S. continues with some of the Cold War policies. Show how Americans fight terrorism as if it is an extension of the Cold War and fight terror with similar strategies.

A conclusion is a must. It should be convincing and summarize the essay. It should be brief but comprehensive.

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