How to write an Essay About China Trade?

essay-about-China-tradeWriting an essay about China trade may seem a complicated task. We have done a research and here are important aspects of global China trade that you can cover in your writing. The essay about China trade will give you the information about history of China trade, its development, current tendencies and prospects for the future.

Important Aspects to cover in Your Essay

  1. China is rapidly growing global market place.
  2. Persuasion international trade with China.
  3. Way of international trade with China.
  4. Profiting from trade with China.
  5. The trade with China helps to capitalize the economy.
  6. The experience of successful big companies.
  7. Hierarchy of Chinese society and its influence on global trade.
  8. Review the head offices of the most successful companies located in China in present days.

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The Origins of China Trade

It is crucial to present chronicle of events in essay about China trade. Western trades with China started in 1500th, when traders from Holland and Portugal began to import silk, painting, spices, fine furniture and porcelain from China. The real boom was in the tea consumption in Europe that created commercial relations between China and West extremely strong. Beginning from the 17th century, Chinese tea was exported annually in millions of pounds. At first, Portuguese traders located in Macao, but later on they shifted to Canton, which is known as Guangzhou today. The Chinese government always kept an eye on the activities in the trade.

After getting the independence from Great Britain and singing Paris Treaty in 1783, United States of America made its foray into the China trade. One year later, American ship Empress of China brought to main Asian country. The ship sailed back home with tea and silk on board. essay-about-China-trade

China Trade Development

In the essay about China trade, it is important to mention that in 1757, there started a period of Canton trade system. At this time, Hong merchants behaved as exclusive liaisons between Chinese and American traders. They had license to trade issued by the government of China and because of it could enjoy considerable power and influence the trade. All foreign trade needed to be channeled through Hong merchants. They controlled most of the imports, exports back to the United States, and following of customs and duty regulations by Westerners. American traders liked working with Hong merchants as they were punctual and intelligent, exact accountants and responsible for their engagements.  They provided Western traders with valuable guidance and cultivated close relations with them. Due to all these factors Hong trade had a great success and developed very rapidly.

Influence of the China Trade

Trade relations had an influence on the development of the country and international relations in general.

  1. Chinese merchants were effective agents in the sphere if transferring a great number of goods from Chine to Western countries and that created a positive trade reputation.
  2. Success in china trades rewarded traders from Western countries with business and social prestige.
  3. Western traders furnished their houses with goods from China.
  4. If you visited the place of living of the most successful traders you would have meet there worthy Chinese paintings, fine furniture and porcelain of the best quality.

China Trade Relations

China trade relations brought Chinese culture to the USA.

  1. Every year several expositions were organized in order to present achievement of Chinese art to the American people.
  2. Trade relations have also influenced development of the postal service.
  3. Delivery of one letter from China to Italy might take several months, but after establishing of trade relationships it took a few weeks to get a letter or even a parcel from one country to another.

That’s why we can draw a conclusion that China trade has influenced the development of the world trade relations in a very positive way.

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