How to Write an Essay About Abortion

Writing any essay is a cohesive way to write the main ideas of a topic in a coherent argument. Presenting these ideas should be in a manner that makes sense to a reader and the ideas should be presented one at a time. In order to attend to the reader’s logic, proper structuring of the essay and its ideas are needed. This structuring makes it easier for the reader to get the information needed and in a proper order. The difference between an essay and a research paper is that the focus of the essay, is on analysis of the topic supported with research, whereas, a research paper looks into sources and conclusions that are gotten from the sources. So a research paper helps writers to compare information from the sources and present their findings.


 Writing an essay about abortion should follow the structure of any other essay. The first step is understanding the topic and outlining the main points and sub points that the essay writers will be handling. Abortion is a popular term due to its controversy. The matter of life and death, and the sanctity of life have made abortion a very renowned and a studied topic. Those who are for it and those against it have never reached the same level in acknowledging abortion. It is a hugely investigated topic since there are so many influences on abortion, both legally and ethically, that has still made abortion remain a topic of interest even in research paper writing.

When handling the topic on abortion, I would write my essay by starting with what abortion means. The essay writers could chose to do the same. They should also research on information that has been written on abortion by scholars, website, databases, articles and books. Additionally, they should look at the history behind abortion, when it first started and how it gained popularity. The essay writers should then outline the main ideas and sub topics that describe abortion in detail. When it comes to the actual writing, the essay writers need to use their own words in writing and also make their statements as authentic and original as possible, thus making the essay a custom paper. In case the essay writers are treating the topic as a research paper, there will be need for a thesis statement. The thesis statement will contain the body, the main points and the sub points about abortion and the manner in which the points will be discussed. After coming up with the thesis statement, the essay writers then start writing from a basic introduction. The introduction will give an overview about abortion, and it will also outline the main points that will be discussed and the last statement in the introduction, would be the thesis statement.

The next big step in essay writing is the main body. This is where the main points and sub points will be discussed in detail. The general topics under abortion will be written in paragraphs, whereby each paragraph will clearly discuss a single idea that is meant to be portrayed. Abortion has major topics that can be clearly discussed in the main body of an essay. The essay writers would first decide on the number of paragraphs that they require in the main body of the essay and what each paragraph would discuss. They would also need to write their essay with supported sources and genuine information. Example, the first paragraph could talk about termination of a pregnancy and the reasons why people would choose to have an abortion. There could be reasons like, rape or incest that resulted to a pregnancy, which would then make one go through abortion, in order to reduce psychological, emotional and mental trauma. Other reasons could be that the mother’s life is in danger and so abortion would be recommended, in order to safeguard the mother’s life. This would conclude the first paragraph. The second paragraph could discuss another point in abortion, like how abortion takes place. This paragraph could dwell on when abortion is recommended to be performed and also mention the risks of abortion, like medical complications, giving examples of ectopic pregnancies and pelvic inflammatory disease. The essay writers could go deeper on abortion, and give the medical point of view and this would conclude the second paragraph.

Depending on what the essay writers intend to convey, the next paragraph could look at alternatives to abortion, like adoption. Adoption could be an alternative, when an unwanted child is not accepted by the mother. However, it is the mother’s choice whether to have a baby, abort it or give it up for adoption. This paragraph could also look at ways of preventing abortion in women, through using contraceptives and recommending women to abstain from sex. The last paragraph in the main body could talk about another topic like controversies and debates about abortion. This part of the essay could discuss about what the law says about abortion, how people react to the laws and also people’s views on abortion. This would conclude the main points and sub points about abortion that the essay writers wanted to pass across.

The conclusion of the essay helps summarise the whole idea that has been expressed. At this point, the essay writers can give their opinion on abortion, the lessons learnt from the essay and any recommendations that they may have. It is important for essay writers to do a thorough research and familiarize with the topic, so that when they write about it, the paper flows with originality. This is similar to what is required in a research paper, in order to make it a custom research paper. Therefore, writing an essay is a matter of logical presentation of factual information and thoughts.

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