How to Write an Academic Paper?

We all know that writing an academic paper is a challenging assignment. It is also true that putting emphasis on learning how to write an academic paper will provide you with the best grades and educational results. Follow up this blog post to learn the most details for academic essay writing to change for your writing style for the better you have become a college student, you find out that one of the essential things you need to learn is how to write an academic paper. It is an essay written by a scholar on a particular subject, e.g. the  specifics of the  selected topic..

Essay Paper Details

The very first thing you need to do after you have learned the topic of your essay is to think about your possible audience that will read your paper.  As far as you are to write an academic paper you can choose as the possible audience that may include also your fellow students. The readers will learn the name of the topic by reading a title page. Usually,  readers  have  general knowledge of the selected essay topic, but they may be unaware of its specific details and features. That means your line of argumentation should be strict and clear for  anyone to understand  and follow your  writing easily.

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Essay Writing

What are you writing about?

When writing a paper, you should ask yourself a question if you are  familiar with your essay topic? Have you read anything on the subject? If you have, then you can proceed to the next step, if you haven’t, then you’d better do some research. You are expected to produce your own ideas and theories, but if you don’t know the fundamental facts on the selected topic, excuse us for being blunt, then there is nothing to write about.

  • Find some sources and explore them in depth until you know that you are ready to give the answer to any question you may be asked about the topic.
  • Try to make up  a straightforward thesis statement as it shows the initial quality of your paper.  Thesis statement is the main idea of your essay, the answer to the subject or problem you are investigating.
  • Find the facts that will prove and support your thesis statement. Adding quotations will brilliantly confirm your basic argumentatiohow-to-write-an-academic-paper

How should your Paper  look like?

An academic paper should consist of three main essay parts. Consider putting as much effort as you can into writing each essay part and you are promised to get the best results.

  1. Introduction. It should be approximately equal to one tenth of the essay. You should describe the main characteristics of your writing and formulate the essay thesis. Keep in mind that writing an essay outline first will be a great help during the whole essay writing process.
  2. The main Essay Body part. It includes all pros and cons of the essay. All the facts you have gathered that are ready to be laid out in the paper should be presented in a very concise and rather intriguing manner. Main essay body includes three paragraph basics and they presented according to the number of proofs and supportive fact that you have got.
  3. Conclusion. It repeats the thesis statement and summarizes all that has been said in your paper. It shouldn’t be too long, meaning very clear and concise. It should contain the list of all the supportive facts and proofs you have provided to your readers.
  4. Appendix. It contains the footnotes and the Works cited page that is obligatory to any academic writing. All the sources cited in your paper should be named in the Appendix to avoid plagiarism.

Useful Essay Writing Tips

1)    Include 1 idea per 1 subsection. Stay on message and make your thoughts clear. Do not subdivide a whole unit into several paragraphs.Avoid keeping different stages of your argumentation together in order not to get mixed up.

2)    Be logical. Just imagine reading a paper, in which everything is messed up. You wouldn’t like it, would you? That is why keeping your paper logical is essential.

3)    Think twice about what you put in your essay. If you just can’t find the right place for a fact, maybe it shouldn’t be mentioned  in your essay at all. It is better to conserve the structure of the essay that you have already created.

4)    Use a variety of sources. If you cite only a couple of authors, your argumentation may be brought into challenge. It is better to find several different authors and present their quote. They should be written in the parts of the essay where they will set off your ideas to the best advantage. If your paper is about a book, putting small book parts will be great as well,

5)    Say no to plagiarism. Keep the record of all sources and put emphasis on the ideas are your own. how-to-write-an-academic-paper

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