How to Write a Psychology Essay

How to Write a Psychology Essay

Edward Thorndike a famous psychologist once stated that only three things in life were certain that are people are born, they will die, and psychologists will have to write tremendous amounts of essays. In psychology, students are expected to write many essays, which are used in gauging their understanding of what they have covered. The British psychology society describes psychology as the study of people their behavior and the mind. Throughout history, psychology has gained popularity and has become a topic of interest among many people. It is important for people especially students to familiarize themselves with writing essays as they are crucial for the comprehension of the topic. The primary objective of this paper is to provide a basis that can be used to amateur to understand the writing of psychology essays.


Psychology essay outline

It is fundamental for all psychology paper writers to understand the Psychology essay outline. First comes the abstract where the writer informs the reader on the general motive of the essay. It should be interesting to keep the reader going, but if it is boring, it will turn off the reader’s interest hence not reading it. Before writing, one should conduct wide research on Psychology essay topics and choose the most appropriate one. In the abstract, the writer should also include the importance of the article and to who it might be of importance.


In the psychology essay format the thesis comes immediately after the abstract. It is here that the writer should provide a brief summary of the paper. The writer should clearly state what the paper is about and provide a brief summary of the Psychology essay topic. The thesis should be as clear and precise as possible while avoiding jargons. It should also include the main point of writing the paper and state the central point about the paper. The writer should avoid ling sentences, which have unclear meaning.

 What to write in the main body

The main body of a custom Psychology essay should contain the main content on the topic chosen. The information provided here should be accurate and free from plagiarism. The writer should communicate the strongest point by arguing out both sides of the topic. The body should also be written as a series of paragraphs. Each sentence should be carefully constructed while providing an overall argument of the idea that is being presented. The first sentences should contain the main message in the paragraph. The main points in the body should be supported by evidence. While writing it is essential to ensure that fact, research, and quotations are provided to strengthen and act as evidence of the main points stated. One should also consider defining why they think that the evidence they provide supports the information provided. At the end of each paragraph, it is advisable to link the significance of the paragraph to the main point being argued out hence enabling the reader to look at the first and last sentence of a paragraph and understand what it is about. At the end of the body, the writer should briefly support his/her main points regarding the topic in question.

What to write in the conclusion

The primary goal of the conclusion is to restate the main idea of the essay or the thesis. Here the writer should summarize the thesis by taking one side and supporting it briefly. The conclusion should also summarize the main points of the article. The arguments pointed out in the body of the essay should be briefly summarized to provide a clear understanding to the reader. The writer should ensure that he/she leaves the audience with an interesting final impression. In psychology essay writing it is essential for the writer to provide a brief conclusion to summarize the main point of writing the article failure to which will lead to dissatisfaction among readers.


While choosing a topic from the vast topics in psychology, it is essential to understand the area of interest or specialization. One needs to read extensively before commencing the actual writing. Here are some topics that are most common in psychology.

  1. Does gender affect depression?
  2. Relationship between gender and social interaction
  3. Aging and mental illnesses
  4. Effects of music in children
  5. Controlling teenage suicide
  6. Importance of school informs
  7. Involvement of psychologists in the military
  8. Hypnosis: advantages and disadvantages
  9. Why are cases of divorce rising?
  10. Effect of sex education on children

Essays are very important in psychology and writers should strive to ensure that they have the understood the psychology essay structure. Since the field of psychology is becoming increasingly popular more people will be looking for papers that explain certain questions/phenomenon in the field of psychology. Readers will be looking for interesting articles that provide clear and precise information and data on the topics they are researching on. When one is not sure of what to write, they can seek Psychology essay help from other professionals in the field.

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