How to Write a Personal Essay

A personal essay is a personal narrative in which one writes about a personal career goals and life experiences. It is critical to know how to write one so I avoid hiring someone else to write a personal essay for me.Personal essay is usually an opportunity for one to convey who they are to their, what they value, and why they think they are the best candidates. Since many different people could have the same experiences and similar academic credentials, a personal essay is usually particular and rarely can two people can have the same background, outlook, ideas or even present this information in the same way. Therefore, essay writing is an opportunity for one to impress the reviewing committee in a unique way.

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Personal essay format

There is no particular format for writing a personal essay. However, there are some important details that should be considered for any essay to be successful. Every statement in a personal essay should be honest, precise and specific. This means that no false information about oneself should be represented. There should be no grammar mistakes so as to avoid giving the committee any reason to doubt one’s capability.

How to write personal essay

Essay writing is a process that has several stages. It should start by one writing down an outline of the things they want to convey in their essay. These include ones major career goals, academic goals, life experiences especially the ones that have influenced one’s decisions, ones role in the society after achieving their career goals and anything else that one feels it would presenting  them as the best candidate.

The next step is to organize this information into an essay. The essay should include three parts. The first part should be one’s introduction. This is included in the first paragraph. The introduction should catch the reader’s attention and entice them to continue reading. It should be creative. One should come out clearly on what their major career goal is.

The second part of the essay is the body. It is the main part of the essay writing. It should have two to three paragraphs. This is where one puts down their life experiences, accomplishments and the reason they need to be considered as the best candidate. It should cover everything that one wants to state in their essay. One should also state some of the significant challenges they have had in their lives and how they have overcome them.

The third part is the conclusion. This should be one paragraph. One should express gratitude in advance to the committee for reviewing their application. One should also state how the being the chosen candidate would make them useful to the society.

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Personal essay useful tips

A personal essay should be in electronic form. One should make it brief and easy to ready. It should not exceed two pages. This is because the reviewing committee has little time to give to your essay considering the number of personal essays they receive on their desk. The reader should be able to grasp the most important details of the essay with the first reading. The font face and font style should essay to read. Double spacing would make the easy to read. It is good to give your personal essay to a professor to review and make corrections before submitting it.

 Personal essay sample

An example of a part of a personal essay would be: “I am looking forward to be admitted to college for a business course. I started several small scale businesses after high school. I want to gain knowledge in business skills that will help me scale up my business.” This clearly outlines your major career goal.


Personal essay writing is not an easy process. One should read wide on how to write a personal essay. Writing a personal essay requires that one be honest with themselves. One should read their personal essay loudly to ensure that it takes the shortest time possible and that it also impresses them. This will give them some confidence while submitting it for review.

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