How to Write a Nursing Essay

A nursing essay could be elucidated as a manuscript prepared for publication or for other academic requirement such as an assignment. Critical to the discussion is the fact that a nursing essay could also be prepared for professional purposes such as for presentation in a professional conference or for publication in a journal. You are probably wondering why a nurse will be required to write essays, yet the nursing profession is a practical one. It is because writing essays equips the student, with research skills and gives the learner an opportunity to demonstrate that she understands a certain concept. It follows that nurses should be able to write good essays when learning before they can upgrade to practicing their training and knowledge. Consequently, the objective for putting down my pen and paper is to inform nursing students how to prepare essays that suit their profession.


How to Write an Introduction

Prior to writing the introduction, make a skeleton of the points you plan to include in your future essay. Simply put, you should prepare a nursing essay outline before you start writing your paper. An example of an outline is present before the introductory paragraph of this article. You should also understand the format for the required essay because nursing essay formats differ based on the type of essay required. For example, an annotated bibliography will have a different nursing essay structure from a critical analysis essay. With an outline and the required structure, proceed to write the introduction, which must always begin with a statement that will capture the reader’s attention. Introduce the reader to the subject under discussion by explicating on concepts that will be required to understand the paper. Complete the introduction with a thesis statement that provides the reader with your arguable position of the main subject.

What to write in the body

The body of an essay is a key ingredient that could earn you marks in nursing essay writing. This owes to the reality that the body of your essay could be used to judge whether your paper is a custom personal essay, or whether most of your paper has been plagiarized. Therefore, ideas and quotations from other sources should be acknowledged properly to avoid plagiarism. Critical to the debate is the fact that your body should comprise of two or more paragraphs, each communicating a different idea. The paragraphs begin with topic sentences that introduce the subject discussed in the paragraph. It also has supporting sentences that argue and provide evidence on the topic being discussed in the paragraph. It is notable that citing statistics on the subject under discussion could help you earn extra points because it improves the credibility of your argument. Above all, ensure that your supporting sentences connect with the topic sentence cohesively and conclude every paragraph with a sentence summarizing the main point in the paragraph.

What to Write in the Conclusion

The conclusion should begin by restating the thesis statement of the paper using different words. It should also summarize the main ideas of the entire nursing essay and take a position of the thesis statement. For example, the following conclusion could be derived from a thesis statement: waist circumference, height, and weight are risk factors for obesity. It is critical that the conclusion could also make recommendations based on the findings from the essay. Further, it could suggest areas for further study or major limitations of the current study. From the ideas already discussed, it could be deduced that writing nursing essays is simple. However, nursing essay help should be obtained from appropriate sources if the assignment is difficult.


Samples of Nursing Essay Topics

Developing nursing essay topics is as simple as ensuring that the topic matches the content of the paper. Additionally, the length of the topic could vary depending on the type and length of the essay. However, it is advisable that most topics for nursing essays do not exceed nineteen words. The list below displays samples of topics for nursing essays.

  1. Problem Solving Steps in Nursing
  2. Developing an Evaluation Plan in Nursing
  3. Nurse Manager Skills Inventory
  4. Simulation Lab Set-Up Considerations
  5. A Literature Review: High Blood Pressure
  6. Disseminating Evidence
  7. High Blood Pressure: Mounting an Application Plan
  8. Creating the Print Evidence-Based Proposal
  9. Mobile App to Intensify Medication Observance in African-American Men
  10. A Research Critique: Evidence Based Practice.


            The following are examples of problem descriptions for nursing essay topics.

  1. Identify the risk factors associated with obesity among senior citizens.
  2. Discuss the need of using and how to use evidence based practice in the nursing profession.
  3. Given the condition and circumstances, write a three-page essay describing your approach to care, treatment plan, method of educating, and a teaching plan.


In conclusion, this article informs student nurses by giving them tips for writing essays. Critical to the discussion is the fact that it discusses what to write in the introduction, body, and conclusion of nursing essays. It also provides sample topics and problem descriptions for nursing essays.

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