How to write a Good Essay Introduction?

Introduction is often compared to the face of a person, and it is not without purpose as the person is judges by his appearance. It means the essay is judged by its introduction. The first impression that your essay makes is extremely important. The introduction has to motivate your reader to continue reading. Good essay introduction will set the stage for the lasting opinion.

Applicable to any essay topic, the introduction should start with an opening sentence that will pique the interest of the readers. The first sentence of the well-constructed introduction should lead to the following 4-5 sentences. They give more detailed information about the subject that is addressed in the essay body. This sentence should also prepare the audience for your thesis statement.

Thesis Statement

Thesis statement has extremely important role in the success of your introduction and essay in general. Your entire paper depends on that sentence. Thesis statement is usually placed at the end of the introduction. You should have a lot of practice to create a really good thesis statement, but you will improve your writing skills with every essay.

Your introduction should include:

  1. First sentence that can easily grab the reader’s attention;
  2. Informative sentences that provide detailed information, related to the thesis;
  3. Thesis statement that serves a function of stating a viewpoint that you as a writer will support in the essay body and conclusion.

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The First Sentence

Think carefully about the first sentence that will engage your reader, as it will get your paper off to a great start. The first sentence can be compared with the hook that can draw every reader in. Show that you are clever, and the reader won’t have a chance to tear himself of your essay. If you know any anecdotes, interesting facts or quotes related to the selected essay topic, don’t be afraid to use them in the introduction. It will set the mood of the readers, attracting their attention. By studying one of the examples of a good essay introduction, you can find cases of effective usage of surprising facts.

Surprising Facts Example

  • The number of bathrooms in the Pentagon is twice as many from the needed one. At the period when the famous building was under construction, there was a law that people of African descent should have separate bathrooms. It is an icon of our society that takes us back to the hurtful and embarrassing times in our history; however, this is the leftover that reminds us what we shouldn’t be.
  • Hilary Clinton declared that “There cannot be true democracy unless women’s voices are heard.” In 2006, this woman became the nation’s first female Speaker of the House the development of democracy in the USA started to grow, together with the equality of men’s and women’s rights.

Quotation Use

The Paragraph Hook

Your first sentence should motivate the audience to go further, to find out the connection between the interesting fact and the point of your essay. There are many methods for capturing your reader’s attention.

  1. Curiosity. Give the readers a fact that might have a mysterious meaning.
  2. Provide a definition with the example.
  3. Anecdote can also be appropriate, but it should have a clear connection to the essay topic.

Supporting Sentences

The body of your introductory paragraph should explain your first sentence, especially if you used suck methods as anecdote or quotation. It should lead to the thesis statement. It is made easy if you follow the example of a good essay introduction presented above.  

 Conclusion: End with a Good Beginning

After completing the first draft, you will need to check the grammar, spelling or formatting. Now, prepare yourself to reconstruct the introductory paragraph.  When the essay is ready, you should check your thesis statement. It goes in the last sentence of the introductory paragraph and assures that it is true. There shouldn’t be any contradictions between the introduction and the essay body. If you revise the whole essay, and there are no misinterpretation, you can prepare the final version of your essay to hand in to your course instructor.

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