How to Write a Definition Essay?

A good definition essay is type of an essay that exemplifies and explains the meaning of terms. Different people understand terms in different ways from the common concept; hence the definition essay helps to make the terms used understandable to the reader. For instance, terms such as a book, pencil, or tree have distinct and concrete meaning. While, terms such as integrity, happiness, and honesty are abstract and depend more on personal judgment. Moreover, in writing a custom definition essay, the writer should not copy the dictionary definition, but the term definition should include the writer’s outlook. In addition, the definition essay structure consists of a thesis statement and examples to distinguish the term from various sources, and the writer’s final reiteration.

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Definition essay outline

A definition essay will differ in length based on the word that is being described. Some terms are easy to comprehend, while, there are some words that require more research in order to devise a correct depiction of its meaning. Before the writer starts writing the definition essay, the first step is to choose an appropriate term. Choosing a noun word, such as pencil would not require the writer to do in-depth research because the term has a specific meaning. However, choosing words, such as integrity would necessitate the writer to conduct additional research, since the term is subjective and might be perceived differently by people. Secondly, the word chosen by the writer should have multiple interpretations in every language. Definition essay writing should not include words that are universal in every language, such as telephone. However, the writer should choose words that they know and present opportunity of more discoveries after conducting the research. In addition, the definition essay outline should notify the reader on the defined word, present clear and essential information, and incorporate various examples to assist the reader in understanding the writer’s viewpoint.

Introduction/thesis statement

A Good definition essay writing should give the standard and thesis definition of the chosen word. The writer should begin with a comprehensive definition or a set of open-ended questions that attracts the reader’s attention. The approaches of defining your selected term include contrasting it with something related and show disparity, show what the term does and how it works, show how the term is structured or amassed. Finally, the writer can provide contradictory definition of what the term is not.

Definition essay body

A Good definition essay format separates the points about the term in different paragraphs. The first paragraph defines the first point about the term in topic sentence that refers back to the thesis statement. Subsequently, show examples of how the word is used and offer breakdown of the term that is used. The second paragraph defines the second point about the term in the topic that refers back to the introduction. Then, illustrate examples of how the term is used and provide breakdown of the word that is used. The third paragraph defines the third point about the term in the topic that refers back to the introduction. This is followed by giving examples of how the term is used and give a breakdown of the word that is used.

Definition essay conclusion

Good definition essay writing reiterates the subject in new words. The conclusion connects all the main ideas from the body paragraphs and provides a writer’s final viewpoint. Moreover, the conclusion connects with the thesis statement to close the essay. In addition, good definition essay writing should conclude by stating the limitations of the approach, significance of the findings, and provide suggestions of further research.

Definition essay topics

Good definition essay topic should give the writer a room of getting different meaning about the term. Examples of good definition essay topics include:

  • peace of mind, right to privacy,
  • healthy appetite,
  • a happy marriage,
  • physical fitness,
  • political correctness,
  • survival for the fittest,
  • scarce resource,
  • hydro power,
  • third world,
  • true friendship,
  • the American dream,
  • team player,
  • sportsmanship,
  • racism,
  • courage,
  • a good or bad boss,
  • independence,
  • nuclear power and many others.

Definition essay example about love

The definition essay writer commences by defining the word love according to the Oxford American Dictionary as any number of feelings and experiences related to a sense of strong affection. Secondly, the writer defines the term in emotional aspects. The emotional aspects define the term love to have dual disposition and form the people’s personality from two positions. The first position brings joy, and harmony, while the second position brings misbalance and reliance. The definition essay’s main body elaborates the term further. The writer states that love is a person’s emotional strength that makes the person stronger through synchronization of the personality, and through attaining a steady source of positive feelings. On the other hand, the writer could state that love brings unevenness and reliance on the loved entity. Finally, the writer concludes by stating that love is not only a fairy story with no pessimistic manifestation, but has twofold sides the white and the black, where the conclusion of one is the commencement of the other.

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