How to Write a College Application Essay


  • Background on the themes and subject matter
  • Elaborating on the chosen topic, experience or struggles

The main body

 The main body elaborates on experiences, thoughts or ideas, with focus on the past or the present and the relevance of this.

  • Narrowing the topic and  providing specifics
  • Focusing on coherence and  tying the ideas  together
  •  Focusing on Self-reflection  to make the essay unique and memorable
  • Making the topic interesting and coherent
  • Elaborating on the subject, and focusing on the delivery
  • Framing the essay and providing details and examples


  • The conclusion elaborates what has been written and makes new connections as the readers finally understand the relevance of the assay.
  • Linking then past, and the present with the future brings closure and synthesize the information.
  • The conclusion reiterates the main points and themes, shows finality of the situation and is more personal.


The first step to writing the college application essay is brainstorming the topic ideas, and when focusing on goals one can chose topics that are interesting.  The college application essay topics are varied, and are tied to the ideas and important details of the essay.  First impressions matter and the writing should not only be interesting, but also adhere to good and quality writing.  Aspects that may be covered in the main body include experiences, interesting subjects, activities and accomplishments.  This paper highlights how to write a college application essay with emphasis on making the essay interesting and personal.

What to write in main body

In the main body, the applicant expounds further suing the ideas articulated in the college application essay outline. The college application essay writing ought to be concise and honest, with the applicant considering the suitability of the school environment. Even as there is no ideal candidate, showing authenticity rather than writing on a generic gives a better impression. As such, as one writes about their experiences and struggles, they highlight what appears important to them. Applicants have different experiences and come from diverse backgrounds, and emphasizing what one has accomplished sets them apart as this shows self-refection, and how this has influenced an applicant positively.

When writing on an experience, applicants should focus on accuracy, coherence and vividness.    Like other types of writing the college application essay format begins with pre-writing, outlining, writing the introduction, main body and the conclusion Focusing one subject makes it easier to cover the topic thoroughly compared to focusing on different subjects. The college application essay is coherent when it can be easily understood where the information is neither scattered nor superficial. The accuracy of the essay extends to the writing mechanics, as good writing and coherence reflect quality of thinking. Experiences are like stories and the more the applicants provide details the more the story is vivid. In any case, self-awareness is reflected through the writing that is authentic.

Regardless of how mundane the subject might seem, what matters is not what is said, but rather the way it is said.   When applicants have difficulties in expressing their thoughts they may seek college application essay help to guide them to improve the quality of writing and coherence. Even as one is creative they should be when using humor as what might seem funny may be ineffective in convincing the board. Hence, the applicant must demonstrate the quality of writing in the main body, as this reflects the writer’s perspectives. Choosing a topic that would seem interesting may be disingenuous when the applicant has to force things, and they come out as inauthentic. Framing the application essay should be a top priority, to connect the dots in a way that is interesting.  Highlighting the applicant’s individuality allows them to be more specific and make the wring the writing memorable even when one has chosen an ordinary topic.

The admission board receives many application essays some with similar topics and applicants ought to show rather than tell.  When applicants are talking about themselves they possible provide evidence rather than focusing on themselves. This makes those reading the application essay to make conclusions.  Using examples makes the application essay more personal and original. Ideally, the applicant is to allow other people to go through the essay before submitting the application and using the feedback to improve the writing. Other people can identify whether the application elaborates and shows what the applicant intends to represent.

What to write in conclusion

In the conclusion the college application essay structure ought to link with the first paragraph while reiterating what has already been written. Ideally, one is not to introduce new information as this clarifies parts of the essay and reiterates the main ideas.  Concluding the essay with a goal, while linking the past, present and the future, and this updates the readers what has happened over time.  Since the main body, mainly focuses on a past experience or a moment, a final comment on future aspirations sums up what is expected.  For instance, when writing how a travel experience has influenced one’s life, then one can elaborate how this has had positive effect years later.


  1. Describe a Life changing event
  2. Travel experiences
  3. Work experiences
  4. Academic achievements
  5. Extracurricular activities
  6. My interests
  7. My goals in life
  8. My non academic accomplishments
  9. Description of an experience that changed your life
  10. Why did you choose the college?
  11. What are your short-term and long-term career goals?
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