How to Write a College Admission Essay?

Some universities and colleges require the College Admission essay writing as part of the application admission processes for interested applicants in addition to their test scores or grades. The College Admission essay help applicants stand out among others and prove that they are the most deserving candidates. This essay gives an applicant an opportunity to give more details that were not included in other parts of the applicant’s application.

The college admission essay topics could be about the applicants’ personal information that would enable the selection committee at the colleges, know more about the college applicants. Some of the College Admission essay topics could be asking applicants to describe a significant experience in their lives that has special meaning for them or to explain what they intend to do with their college degrees or the topics would ask applicants to write about a book that is significant to their lives.   Other topics could be like:

  • What are your career long term goals?
  • How is the degree necessary for the fulfilment of your goals?
  • How would your friends characterize you?
  • Where do you see yourself career wise 10 years from now?
  • What is your approach to life?
  • What is your life philosophy?
  • Explain why you must be accepted to a particular university or college?

The applicant should make sure that these College Admission essay topics are properly structured in their College Admission essay writing, such that they write out of honesty, creativity, uniqueness and originality. A custom College Admission essay should relay the full character of the college applicants as this will help them stand out more as compared to the other applicants.

The College Admission essay outline consists of well thought and formulated points that answer to the given College Admission essay topics. The applicants need to understand what the questions and topics require. Then they should list out relevant main ideas and points and use these points as the College Admission essay outline. This outline will guide the general look of the College Admission essay writing and it will help the applicants focus on the main aspects about themselves that the reader would learn more from and would greatly influence the applicants’ selection in to the college. This outline will also help applicants organize their ideas and tell a story during their writing. Before the college admission essay writing, the applicants need to adhere to the guidelines as recommended by the specific institution. The College Admission essay format should be followed according to the font size and the essay length required by the institution. Some institutions may require the applications to be handwritten; failure to follow such formats creates a negative impression.

The College Admission essay structure adheres to the normal introduction, main body and the conclusion structure of most essays. Such a structure shows a great depiction of what the essay will talk about and gives a layout that can be easily understood and appreciated by the selection committee.  After the applicants have come up with the College Admission essay outline, they can then structure the number of paragraphs their essay will have. Each main point and idea will be represented in each of the paragraphs of the main body.

 The first paragraph is the introduction of the topic that will be discussed in the College Admission essay. For example, if the College Admission essay topics require an applicant to submit a single spaced, one page essay that explains why the applicant has chosen a certain university and the particular major. The applicants will introduce the first paragraph with a topic statement of the common interest they possess with the university. Example,” this university and I share a common vision… “This statement captures the mind of the reader. The writers should then briefly outline the major reasons why they like the university and the major. The last statement of the introduction paragraph would have a thesis statement that would explain to the reader what exactly the writer will talk about in each point of the main body. For example, “thus vindicated, my love for this major brought me to choose this university… “This would conclude the first College Admission essay structure of the introductory paragraph.

The next paragraph would be the main body of the College Admission essay writing. This part of the essay would gradually transition from the first paragraph. It would also explain to the reader the first point about why the applicants chose the university and the major. For example, the applicants could write that they are drawn to the particular university because of the diverse nature of the people… The applicant could support this idea by using personal experience and also from prior research of the institution, in order to acknowledge that the institution supports diversity of the students and it encourages successful upbringing of their students. For example, the writers could say that they are guided by their own uniqueness and so mixing with people of the same mind-set would enhance their knowledge and bring in more innovation in their particular major.

The next paragraph would describe the other main idea that supports the applicants’ choice of the university and the major. The College Admission essay writing could say that, on top of the diversity offered at the particular university, the university is also becoming a master in the niche creation of individual students. This statement shows the way the writers go into detail about the university and the type of personal character the applicants have. The applicants use their own values and skills to bring more in to the university and at the same time cultivate the knowledge learnt from the institution. The writers could also show their personality by stating that the specific university is the only place for the writers to be in order to achieve their dreams.

The next paragraph could talk about the major. Why the writers chose the major or the specific department in the university. Here, the writers could transition from the previous paragraph by saying that in this department, they would be able to do just that…This statement would link with the statement written in the previous paragraph. The writers would go ahead to explain the different hobbies or interests that drove them to the specific major. To conclude the College Admission essay, the applicants would terminate their essay by what they hope to achieve from the institution and what they believe can be gained by the institution. The writers would tie their concluding statement to the College Admission essay topics to give a compelling College Admission essay.

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