How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay?

The 5 paragraph essay writing is a classic form of writing that students use in order to structure their writings effectively. Before the essay writers start writing any essay, they have to make sure that they know which type of essay they are supposed to write about. These types of essay include, narrative, expository, persuasive, argumentative, comparative and literary. The 5 paragraph essay writing is standardly made up of 500 to 800 words depending on what is required. The 5 paragraph essay helps students or writers to clearly format their writing in simple layouts that can clearly convey their 5 paragraph essay topics.

Thesis Statement Example Students

The following are some Examples of 5 paragraph essay topics:

  1. Economic power in the USA
  2. The green house effect
  3. Teaching techniques
  4. The best city in the world
  5. My favorite sport
  6. My best teacher
  7. My favorite book
  8. Parenting styles
  9. Effects of climate change
  10. Hazards of movie going
  11. prevention of road accidents
  12. The rehabilitation of criminals

These 5 paragraph essay topics are not limited to anything because anything can be discussed in the 5paragraph essay writing.

 5 paragraph essay outline

The 5 paragraph essay outline is made up of 5 body paragraphs. It has the introductory paragraph, then three main body paragraphs, and finally the conclusion paragraph. This is the main 5 paragraph essay format. After identifying the essay topic, the essay writers should then research on the topic of discussion or argument. The 5 paragraph essay topics would guide a writer to structure the topics to sub-topics that will be included in the essay. The thorough research should guide the writers to know the specific information that will be put in each of the 5 paragraph essay format. During note making, the writers should paraphrase their statements. It is very important to avoid any kind of plagiarism or writing mistakes that most writers make. It is crucial to note that each statement should be supported by sources that are credible and that the writers should use their own words in the 5 paragraph essay writing in order to make it a custom 5 paragraph essay. This type of essay will have originality, authenticity and credibility.

 Introduction paragraph

The introductory paragraph is the first paragraph in the 5 paragraph essay writing. It starts with the general introduction of the topics being discussed then leads to the specific statements of the discussions. The beginning of the essay could have a catching statement to attract the reader’s attention. The last statement in the introductory paragraph is the thesis statement. This is a statement in one or two parts that describes the overall point of a discussion or argument and concisely explains what will be in the 3 main body paragraphs. The last statement in this paragraph should also contain a transitionary hook that would transit the reader to the next paragraph. An example, when writing an essay about road accidents on school going children, the writer first gives an introduction on road accidents in relation to the students and some survival rates. Thereafter, the essay writer could come up with a catchy phrase of an example of a student that survived an accident. The thesis statement would have prevention strategies of which each strategy would be discussed in each paragraph of the main body.

Main body

The main body would consist of three paragraphs as the 5 paragraph essay structure recommends. Each paragraph would consist of a main topic. These topics are supporting topics to the thesis statement. The first paragraph will discuss the first 5 paragraph essay topics.  This topic would be stated as the first statement and then examples, details and data, would be used to support the first topic. The whole discussion should be tied up to the thesis statement. The essay writers should use clear examples and details to make sure that the topic passed across is very clear. For example, the first topic would talk about using road signs at school children’s crossing. This would be the first clear example in the main body. Then the writer should give examples of the road signs used.

The first paragraph should clearly lead to the second paragraph of the 5 paragraph essay. The second paragraph would talk about the second strongest argument about essay topic. It should be a transition from the first paragraph and it can contain a transition word like “more importantly… or in addition…”For example, in a topic like the hazards of movie going, the second paragraph would contain the second supporting idea of the topic. It could start by “second of all, the theatres can be an unfriendly environment like smelly carpets… This statement could tie up to the first statement which could have talked about the problems that take place when people are travelling to the theatre like bad weather or a long drive. Finally, the third paragraph of the 5 paragraph essay writing would hold the weakest or the third and last argument of the topic discussed. There should be a transition word used just as it was mentioned in the second paragraph. For example, an essay on drug addict treatment, the third paragraph in this essay would talk about having community support centres for drug users and addicts. This could probably be the last point after counselling, therapy, and detoxification. This paragraph concludes the main body of the 5 paragraph essay writing.


The conclusion is the fifth paragraph in the 5 paragraph essay format. It gives an overview of what was discussed in the main body. It is the closing statement of the main topic discussed in the 5 paragraph essay writing. The restating of the thesis statement is also done at this stage. The 5 paragraph essay helps outline the essay structure in a simple format that clearly brings out the topic discussed. The conclusion should not be the point where new statements are included. For example, when talking about the dangers of abortion, this is not the point to include a new topic like contraceptives that was not included as part of the main body. This could confuse the reader.  In concluding the 5 paragraph essay writing, the essay writer should make sure that the writings have been paraphrased correctly and there are no grammatical errors. If sources were included in the text, they should be clearly formatted in the reference section.

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