How to use the Harvard Writing Style Format?

Harvard-writing-style-formatA Harvard style essay is based on the Harvard Writing Style Format. It is a generic form which use the author/date style of writing in the text and bibliography or a reference list at the end of the essay. To create a successful essay of this type you should pay special attention to the creation of Harvard style headings. They should reflect the problem or the topic described in the essay, they should be short and extremely specific. Below you can find several pieces of advice following which you will get the highest mark for your essay.

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Harvard Essay Outline

Here you can find the Harvard essay outline and major tips of writing this type of essay.

  • The pattern of the Harvard style essay will look the following way. “Bill (2010) offered the opinion that apricots can be yellow”. It is  called the author/date style. In case you use the direct quote, the page number could also be included, as in the example: “Bill (2010, P.6) offered the opinion that apricots could be yellow.
  • The reference in the bibliography should be detailed. The complete details would look like [Author’s Surname, First name, Publication year, Italicized or underlined title of the reference source, Publisher, Publication Place]. This format of reference is applicable to the book that isn’t presented online. Some other variants of reference are also possible, as there can be more than one author, several editors, sponsored text or reference without authors.
  • A thesis is more organized and assignment details are more in order. For example, the reference would be [Last Name, First name, Submission year, Title, degree, Name of the institution and its location].
  • The Harvard essay format is used for article writing when specified. The format would appear like [Surname, First name, Publication year, Title, Name of the periodical it was published in, Volume’s and issue’s number, Page number]. The referencing example used in an article would be Bill, AJ (2010), ‘Apricots Are Yellow’, Organic Apricots, vol. 25, no. 6, pp. 136-139.
  • In the text of the essay, reference material would generally appear at the end of the sentence. For example, Bill is of the opinion that apricots could be yellow (Bill, 2010). Since the author’s name is included in the text, it could also be written as Bill (2010) is of the opinion that apricots could be yellow. Other details can vary.
  • A very important point to note is that if a list of references would detail information only on those works cited within the text, while a bibliography would also include details of sources which might not be cited in-text but may be relevant to the topic.
  • 8. The bibliography should contain references listed alphabetically, beginning with the author’s last name. If there is no author’s name, the title would take over. Following is a sample of a Bibliography from a Harvard style paper. Harvard-writing-style-format2

Harvard Writing Style Format

Harvard Writing Style is commonly used method that uses the Author-Date system for referencing. It was adapted to suit various publication styles. Harvard style system can have different modifications and some minor features as punctuation, abbreviation, capitalization and the use of italics. The most important requirement for referencing in Harvard style is to be consistent.

Harvard Essay Presentation

Preparing Harvard essay presentation is very important step on the way to the success of your essay. You should reflect the major problems discussed in your essay and mark the most significant conclusions you’ve made. Present the topicality of your essay and the goal you would like to achieve writing it. If you have some numbers or statistics data in your essay, you can present them as diagrams or just put the information with numbers on screen.

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Above you can see general rules for writing Harvard format essay, but there can be different variations as well. We can consult you on every doubtful question towards your essay that may appear. After your essay is created we can check it and correct some slight mistakes so that your Harvard Style essay is perfect. Harvard-writing-style-format2

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