How to Say Nothing in 500 Words (Essay/Paper Sample)

How to Say Nothing in 500 Words

The aim of this essay is to respond to Paul Robert’s essay “How to say nothing in 500 words” by analyzing the points that he put across when it comes to communication. The important part of the essay is the fact that Paul gives instructions together with good examples to college students on how they should write good essays.  In addition, he analyses how a college student’s essay can be boring due to the fact of writing predictable and obvious.

Roberts give an insight that all the principles associated with writing a good essay should remain constant. This is true because it ensures that the essay has a lot of consistency and the reader is not able to predict what the writer is about to put across to the next idea. Such principals play a great role in ensuring that the writer of the essay remains in a position to write a professional essay as much as possible. Also, they help the writer in avoiding the obvious and predictable points and topics when writing an essay. A good example is when Roberts states that one should discuss their various topics with the rest of the class and cancel out the common topics in order to remain unique.

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As well, a good essay captures a reader’s mind in accordance to how the writer has presented the essay. I agree with Paul’s opinion that one should include examples when discussing different ideas within the essay. As a result, such examples helps in creating a 3D experience in the reader’s mind hence luring them into reading the whole essay without getting bored. Paul further says that instead of being too obvious, it’s good to use colorful words such a situation whereby one is describing a person entering a room. It helps the reader picture the state in which such a particular person was in.

The offering of definitions is an old and outdated way of writing a good essay because most people are usually tempted to do so. This makes the essay obvious and similar to those of others. Hence, Paul was right in putting across the point that definitions should be kept off the essay as much as possible. An alternative to this could be describing the word in another form that is interesting to the reader because nobody wants to read about the obvious definition of a phrase. It is important for the writer to be aware of the different Pat expressions. Therefore, this justifies Paul’s’ idea that every essay writer should choose the unpopular side of the essay. Giving definitions is one of the most popular ways of writing an essay and would hence, turn out to be boring.

Concisely, despite the factor that the article was written more than fifty years ago, it is very relevant in today’s world of essay writing. It plays an important part in improving the writing skills of students and in turn improving their grades. It guide makes it possible for students to write intelligent essays and not just long and boring ones. It’s even difficult to imagine the strain that a tutor would have to go through by reading more than one hundred boring essays. However, with the aid of  Paul Robert’s essay, it has become easier for teachers to teach their student on how to write a good essay and, as a result, they will not have to go through all the pressure of reading boring essays.  The writer has helped me challenge myself when it comes to essay writing to ensure that the point that I put across are not obvious and totally agree with all the details of the article.

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