How to Make a Good Research Paper About Gun Control

There have been many controversial arguments that tend to draw people’s attention regarding the issue of gun control and coincidentally I write my essay about this issue. Some people feel that there should be no laws limiting gun control while others believe that gun ownership needs to be regulated and limited. Whether one decides to write for guns or against it, there is always need to understand how to best present the arguments thoroughly and precisely. The essay will offer help to those interested in writing a research paper on gun control.


The most important issue when handling any custom research paper is making findings on the issue. It is advisable to conduct deep research on the issue as much as possible. Topics are branded as controversial because of certain reasons, and failure to familiarize oneself with the reasons can lead to failure of the research. Another issue concerns gathering of information. The information should be from reputable sources because some sources can produce false information leading to defamation. Real and credible sources will result in the production of accurate information and data. The primary thing that one should consider while writing a gun control paper is to ensure that the writer has adequate and reliable information. The poor research will lead to inaccurate information while will receive criticism. Good research also proves the credibility of the writer while enhancing the chances of a high-quality paper. When writing for a topic like the gun control, it is advisable to provide both sides of the story even if one is only supporting one side. Providing the other side will give the reader the opportunity to view both sides and decide which side they will support. Research is important when writing my essay.

Why is the topic popular?

According to a recently concluded research gun control in the early years of the United States received a lot of support. The introduction of the bill of rights was amended to contain the right to bear arms, which gave people the right to form well-regulated militias. Laws banning the concealment of weapons were however passed in many states. When these laws were challenged in court, the courts upheld them, as they were constitutional. Concealing of weapons was the first controversial issue as people wanted to brandish their guns in public. Recent events have also led to the matter of gun control becoming controversial in America. One such issue is the rapid increase in the number of school shootings whereby students carry guns to their school and conduct mass shootings. These shootings have sparked a countrywide debate about the regulation of weapons. Some critics have argued that it is the responsibility of parents to stop their children from handling dangerous weapons.  Others continue to argue that stronger laws should be introduced that regulate the purchase of weapons.

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Another issue that has led to people pleading for stronger gun regulation rules is the increase in murder rates around the country especially among black people and particularly Chicago. Over the past few years, the number of death rates has rapidly increased and most people blame it on the guns. Others have argued that guns do not kill people but rather people kill people. This has brought controversy in the country since most people feel that guns should be restricted and that those bearing them should only be government officials. On the other hand, others claim that people should be allowed to have private guns for protection.  It is important to note that if private citizens were not allowed to own guns, then other people would not need the same guns for protection. With an increase in the number of criminal activities countrywide most people are now seeking to have their guns. The current laws have made it too easy to purchase firearms, which are also causing controversy. These firearms are then trafficked to neighboring countries where they play a significant role in helping drug dealers across the border. This is making the war on drugs futile as the criminals have access to weapons and can, therefore, terrorize citizens to silence or start wars with the government.

Most important writing steps

The most important step when writing a research paper is ensuring that one has an outline. The outline helps a writer be more clear and faster. It is also necessary to have a thesis, which provides a brief summary of what the paper is about hence giving the reader an idea of what the paper is talking about. Scholars have considered the thesis as the most important part of research paper writing this is because it provides an insight of what the paper is about and the reader can immediately identify if the writer understood the question clearly. Another essential step, which has a significant role, is the conclusion, which summarizes everything the whole paper. Sometimes students find their work or study schedules so busy such that they do not have enough time to write the research paper, in this kind of a situation, one can find some research paper help from friends or essay help services from firms that offer such services nowadays. The final step is the actual writing and proofreading. Some essay writers may fail to recognize proofreading as a critical step, but the truth is it is of utmost importance. This is because the essay writer will see where they made mistakes and correct them accordingly before handing over the paper.

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