How to Get Free Essay Help Online

The growing number of online tools and websites offering free essay help and writing services is completely overwhelming. These online tools mainly aim to help students improve their essay writing and grammar skills. This article aims to assists students and other people looking to improve on their essay writing skills get free essay help online by accessing some of the most effective essay help tools and websites. The article compiles five of the best tools currently available.

 Guide to Grammar and Writing

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Guide to Grammar and Writing ( is highly beneficial free online essay-writing and grammar tool that enables students of all educational level perfect their essay writing skills. The tool offer wide range of essay writing services including paper formatting, paragraphing, word selection, and grammar among other services associated with essay writing. The tool is sponsored by the nonprofit organization, Capital Community College Foundation, an organization that has been fighting to help student achieve their educational goals. The tool, therefore, is extremely beneficial for students.

paperrater PaperRater is an online proofreading tool that help student analyze and polish their essays. The tool enables users to view detailed statistics about their grammar, spelling, word choice, and many more. The main advantage of this tool is that it enables users to analyze and get result in real-time. The tool is also simple to use, as an individual only has to copy the text on their paper then paste them on the tool. Once the text is pasted, the tool will analyze it in order to help student identify several grammatical and spelling errors in the text. From then on, the user will be able to correct all the errors in the essay. This tool, therefore, is extremely helpful to students who aim to improve on their ability to write error-free essays.


Paraphrasing tool is a tool that enables students to rewrite or paraphrase their essays. This tool is particularly beneficial for students and individuals seeking help on how they could rewrite their essays in order to avoid plagiarism. The tool not only helps individuals to paraphrase their texts, but also enable them to learn, but also enables them acquire the skills of writing original and plagiarism free texts.

Dr Ultimate Essay Writer

Dr Ultimate Essay Writer  is an online academic tool that helps students writes an essay article. The tool works by helping users research and find the essay topic, paraphrasing the information available online as well as adding references to the essay in order to make it look professional. User must download and run the software first in order to use it; however, they must be online or connected to the internet to be able to use the software, The main benefit of this tool is that it is very first and efficient; therefore, it enables users to save time while writing their essays.

In conclusion, students and other individuals aiming to improve on their essay writing and grammar should consider accessing these five tools. In essence, by using the tools the student would realize wide range of benefits including better essay writing skills.

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