How To Eradicate Corruption In India (Essay Sample)

How to Eradicate Corruption in India


Corruption starts in the mental state, and change starts with the heart and the determination to serve with integrity and honesty. With over a billion of people in India, the government has been creating programs, strategies and methods to help the poor, provide health services and improve the conditions of work in India. However, there are a number of politicians who uses their position to take advantage of the poor and the government’s wealth for their own selfish ambitions. Surprisingly, despite the fact that these leaders are educated, their quench for power and position have pushed them to break the rules and to hide under the cloak of deception. Basically, knowledge and education ought to be mediums for training values and to place emphasis on spiritual formation and progress. A combination of education and a high spiritual perspective helps a person to assess his actions and decisions in anticipation of future results thus teaching how to be responsible in every single thought and words. The need to differentiate right from wrongs starts in families and inculcated from youth until adulthood. In the absence of a strong foundation in truth and morality, a person is bound to make unwise decisions later on. This is the case with corrupt leaders and the utmost need to eradicate the same must be considered and planned. The task of protecting and providing safeguard for the rules and laws of the land could only be achieved through a collected effort between the people of India, Law Enforcement and the heads of the State. In addition, the poorest countries with poverty at the highest level also shows that its officials are the most corrupt.

Different Methods in Eradicating Corruption

Removing and obliterating corruption will help people to have a balanced and prosperous life. The wealth will be distributed equally and poverty will be lessened, more lives will be saved.

  1. Improve the salary rate of the employees and workers. Some staff and employees reason out that the reason why they commit bribery and plunder is by reason of their low earnings whereby they find it difficult to feed their families.
  2. Strengthen the laws on corruption and penalize the violators to teach the corrupt officials and instill fear in their hearts. Suspension from government positions or even dismissal would prevent offenders to repeat the corrupt practices. Doing this will lessen the corruption in India. The reason why some corrupt practices still happen is because  only a few men are willing to rise up and take a stand against the evils of corruption.
  3. The media should collaborate with the top honest leaders in exposing the corrupt politicians, corporations and organizations. Speaking out to the media increases accountability and informs the public of the inside issues and problems in politics.


The low standard of integrity and commitment not only of the government leaders and politicians but also the heads of the largest conglomerates enable the proliferation of corruption. However if both the private citizens and excellent government officials will work hand in hand then the percentage of the increase of bribery, dishonesty and deception will lower down. There are numerous ways to counter and eradicate these false practices in the government. The ability of high ranking officials to maintain that standard of honesty and guard the precepts of India helps raise the standard of living of the ordinary citizens and helps build infrastructures that would benefit the people and the country. Likewise, the money being corrupted is supposed to be used for the development of hospitals, bridges, transportation systems, and schools. Hence, there must be a consistent and well planned programs to help put an end to corruption and red tape.

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