How To Deny Reality (Speech Sample)

Close your eyes. Dream. Fantasize. Imagine rainbows, fairytales, happy endings, immortality. Wander in the pleasurable sight of your imagination. Take every step way up high and climb each and every mountain and its peak up in the sky. Be a princess of your own castle with your prince charming waiting for you in the throne with the crown. Delight yourself in your own illusion of the never ending youth and the fountain of life.

Close your eyes. Dream. Fantasize. Wake up! Wake up in the alarming silence of the night where the ghosts of your past attacks and kills all your fantasy. The dream of reality is sickening and creates a thousand chaoses in your peaceful sleep. You need to escape. Run! Go hide in your make believe castle. Ask your make believe prince charming for rescue. Where is he? Your knight in shining armor? Where is he? Your illusion of perfect love. Is he gone? Is he real?

Where are you? The demons in your head are finding you. No one to rescue you. No one to reach out for you and comfort you. Oh poor little thing, you need to wake up. You need to wake up from your dream world and face the truth that reality will always seek you no matter how hard you try to hide. Do you want to escape reality? Do you want me to tell you how?

Close your eyes. Dream. Fantasize. Not of prince charming, castles and rainbow lights. Dream of a world with twisted reality. Lie, to yourself and to others that are around. Breath, make yourself believe that all the lies that you have made up are all true. Make yourself believe that happy lies can come true. Stand for what you want to believe is real. Make your own reality and make all the people around you feel. Make them feel that you are not a lie, but a truth that will make all happy alive.

Live in the wonderful colors of the reality you built yourself. Do not let anyone get in the temporary happiness that you invented to escape. Enjoy all the pleasure of hiding and lying and wake up one day realizing you don’t even know what is real from what is not. Live your life in your universe of make believe thoughts and endless fake reality. Create your own colors, draw a different rainbow, and cast a different shade of blue in your sky. Be the queen of your own reality. Be wide awake and dream of eternity. Never stop all the lies. Escape the nightmare of real reality and befriends with all the monsters you are scared of when you were still a child.

Build a world of your own dreams, where you are the prettiest thing that anyone could ever see. If they tell you that you are not living in the reality, make them realize that your lies are the realest thing. Smile the most beautiful and fake smile, make them believe that the sparks in your is not just glitter but a nice genuine smile.

Mold your emotions from a pot of clay, hold it fragile and handle it with care. Never show them those molded emotions. Bring one everyday and put it on a show. You should never show them how much you are hurting, or how sad you are when you discovered there are no happy endings.

Put that mask every day. How many variations do you have? I wonder what the real you looks like without that mask. Is it contenting faking your whole life? Oh come on! Give me that sweet smile while I’m asking you. Are you happy with yourself?

Fake it all, lie and lie and make all sorts of story that everybody will believe. Wake up with a smile and tell yourself that life is perfect even if the truth is everything in your life is falling apart. Laugh at other people’s mistakes and misfortunes. Make yourself believe that you are the luckiest person on earth and nothing is wrong with your life. Lie to yourself again and again. Have you escaped reality? If you ask me again how to I will answer you, only if you want to hear the answer to your question.

Have you escaped reality? Will you ever escape reality? Let me tell you how. Close your eyes. Dream. Fantasize. Imagine. Breath. Never open your eyes. Never fantasize. Never imagine. Never breath. That is how you can escape reality.

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