How Students Can Cheat?

Academic cheating is representing somebody else’s work as your own. There are a lot of reasons why students cheat. Strong pressure for good grades and cut-throat competition among students make them search for the ways to ease the studying process. Cheating is one of the first things that come to your mind when you think of overwhelming tasks sometimes given to you in college. It takes a lot of forms: using another work, buying a term paper or test questions in advance, rewriting on a test, offering money to somebody to do the work instead of you. Internet gives you million of opportunities how to spend less time for completing the tasks and still get good grades.

Using another’s work

That is one of the most common mistakes students make. Once received a task to write some kind of academic paper they switch on their computers and search for ready papers free to download. That is fast, easy and free of charge. But is it safe enough? Well, not really. Downloading materials that have been already used by thousands or even millions of students can lead to the worst situation you can get to in college – your Professor can easily catch you on such kind of cheating. There are a lot of web sources offering quick checkup for plagiarism and most professors know how to use them effectively. Before using somebody’s work think twice about your readiness to lose your good name. If you hold dear your reputation then this kind of cheating is probably not the best choice to make.

Buying a paper

There are a lot of websites that offer writing essays, research papers and other types of academic writing.  All you have to do is to give all necessary information and requirements for your paper and a team of experts will create a perfect work that will amaze your Professor and bring success to you. If you decide to choose this kind of service be sure you are confident in the reliability of the company. Secure companies employ only high-qualified professionals who have great experience in this sphere. They guarantee 100% confidentiality and no plagiarism. Such services don’t use pre-written texts and create new papers from scratch. That excludes any possibility of being caught for cheating. You receive a unique work written specially for you and can edit it or add something whenever you feel the need to do it.

Cheating on a test

Cheating on a test has been developed by the students into a form of art. There are so many methods young people use that you can surely find something for yourself. Students love Cheat-Sheets – writing or printing information on small sheets and then copying it during the test. Body Part Cheat-Sheet, Water Bottle Cheat-Sheet, Binder Cheat-Sheet, Calculator Cheat-Sheet, Stashed Cheat-Sheet – the variability of methods invented by students impresses! Also students use partner-cheating methods – sitting next to somebody who study hard for test, creating a system of signs with a fellow students, using headphones (when your friend sits somewhere far and dictate the answer). Hard-to-prove methods include finding the instructor’s edition variant of the textbook, searching for old copies of the test among older students, etc. Cheating on a test is quite risky and cause serious punishment but is still very popular among young people and many of them manage to use it effectively and safely.


How to not get caught:

–       Don’t talk to your classmates about your plans. Severe competition in academic institutions makes young people rivals. You can never know who could inform your Professor;

–       If you use a shared computer, delete the browser history in order to not be caught by other users;

–       Always be aware of potential consequences. Think twice before choosing some method of cheating. Some institutions apply severe punishments in the cases of cheating;

–       If you choose buying a paper from web source make sure you study carefully the final variant of the paper you have received from the company you choose. Be sure you know all the details of your work and can present the information in the best way. Even if you don’t write the paper by yourself, you should prepare to present it in an appropriate manner in order to show your understanding of the topic and get a high grade;

–       Don’t put the goals that are too high and unrealistic. If you are one of the weakest students and suddenly write your test and get A while all your classmates get bad results, it can draw undesirable attention to you and make other students and the Professor suspicious;

–       Always destroy the evidence. For example if you use cheat-sheets, immediately after the end of your exam go to WC and wash them off. If you used body-part cheat-sheet wash it off with water as soon as possible;

–       The most important thing about cheating is not to be caught up. Before getting on with any kind of cheating think carefully of the ways how you can secure your guiltlessness. Think of advantages you can get if using it and disadvantages that will show up if you get caught up. Compare the number of pros and cons and see if cheating is worth doing it in this particular situation. Only after considering every detail make your final choice.


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