How Media Literacy Help With Responsible Media Consumption (Essay Sample)

How Media Literacy Help With Responsible Media Consumption

Media literacy is of great importance in the contemporary world, given the fact that the world is getting digitized and changes in the perceptions are inevitable. This trend, however, is bound to alter the consumption pattern of the media. This is so because of the analysis, evaluation and the different modes of communication that have been innovated in this 21st century. At one single exposure to the media content, one is supposed to be in a position to sieve the right content at the most opportune time because of the level of understanding involved, for decoding to take place. On the part of parental guidance, the respective parents in their families should be in position to advice their young ones on the contents that can be consumed in their respective households. This is not just limited to the television and radio program consumption, rather it focuses on a broader spectrum including the internet access and the type of movies one is supposed to watch, with special reference to the age factor. The internet is particularly littered with fake news and content that often misleads consumers. Media literacy can therefore be defined as those competencies that are acquired that allow individuals to do an analysis and evaluation of the communication from different genres, modes and formats.

Media ability analysis

The media literacy enable individuals to know the construction of the messages that are relayed via the media. With this knowledge, an individual is capable of understanding interpersonal communication in terms of their values, and to what extent media affects the belief systems of people and their behaviors too. Literacy of the media will enable one to get a true understanding of the legal aspects regarding its consumption and as such make credible conclusions on what to acquire or avoid during a purchase decision.

The creation of media products

For an individual to understand the real media tools that can be put to application, there is need for literacy on the product, for example, during advertising, there could be an option of radio, TV or printed media. Through media literacy, an investor is in a position to understand the reach of the respective media vehicle to relay the targeted message to the targeted audience. With the same breath, there will be a clear understanding of the setting in which the media implement could be used.

Importance in the academic setting

Numerous studies have indicated that media literacy has had a great impact in the motivation of students especially outside a class session to breakdown the boredom and create excitement. The excitement in all these, is as a result of the connection to the rest of the active world. The concept of the cultural triangle of music, fashion and sports brings fun to the younger generation and as such encourages learning once the boredom is eliminated.

As an Engager and motivator

In the case of the marginalized youth who look at themselves either as poverty stricken or of racial minority, the media makes them own up roles of the people in the media and in the end acquire happiness for example a youth can imagine himself being the footballer of the year which brings excitement.

Media literacy will bring about positivity, pleasure, creativity in its consumption. Critical thinking is also enhanced since the media landscape has rapidly changed in the recent past and is very dynamic in nature which includes, the digital and traditional platform notwithstanding theme parks, fashion and also fads and toys.

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