How I Spent My Leisure Time (Essay Sample)

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How I spent my leisure time

Despite my tight schedule I often find time to relax and do the things I enjoy. I include leisure time in my plans and allocate sufficient time to it. Often, I allocate resources and plan meticulously to ensure I get maximum relaxation from it. Leisure is important to mental and physical growth and should be taken seriously. It is a conscious decision I make to ensure I must set aside leisure time. Leisure time renews my vigor to tackle the challenging tasks I come across daily as I take time to reflect on few issues about my life. Mostly my leisure time is planned for weekends to afford time for my family and friends. This is a short description of how I spent my leisure time.

My best leisure time would be to hang out with my friends on the beach. I enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean and watching people having fun on the shore. A stroll on the sandy beach relaxes my mind. I also take the time to make calls to the friends who I cannot make to visit and check on them. Sometimes the walks can belong taking up the whole afternoon. Occasionally, I collect sea shells on the beach and bring them to my siblings. Most of these outdoor activities are subject to weather conditions. Sometimes I like listening to my favorite music albums of my favorite artists as I stroll along the beach. When the weather is hot, I like swimming on the beach or join my friends go fishing in deeper waters further from the beach. Recently, I tried scuba diving and I like the experience and am looking forward to doing it more. The breath-taking view of the reef is amazing.  Sometimes, weather confines me indoors but that does not mean I cannot have a good leisure time.

If am having my leisure time indoors, I like trying out new recipes and different cuisines from all over the world. Being in the kitchen busy trying out new dishes is enjoyable to say the least. The meals sometimes are disgusting but the experience is always fun for me.  Alternatively, I like reading non-fictions books especially describing historical events while relaxing on the couch. I like soft jazz playing in the background as I peruse through the pages. At times, I also go to theatres or cinemas and catch up on the latest movies and plays with friends. Sometimes I stay at home and catch up on my favorite TV series. When my brother is around we dance and occasionally compete against each other. It is always fun though he is a better dancer than I am, but we both enjoy the dance.

Once a year I go on vacation in Africa and go safaris or hiking in the mountains within the tropics in Africa. The experience is always great from socializing with people who have different cultures and watching tropical wildlife in their natural habitats. The days spend in Africa leave indelible memories in my mind and encourage me to save up to return to that continent to experience more.

Concisely, the aforementioned activities are a tip of an iceberg for the activities I opt to undertake during my leisure time. They however bring a mild picture of how I like spending my leisure time and resources creating memories by learning a new recipe or connecting with nature on the beach or overseas. All these experiences and memories push me to ensure I allocate sufficient time for my leisure and resources to enable me to undertake my leisure activities and derive maximum fulfillment possible I seek from them.

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