How I Spend My Free Time (Essay Sample)

How I Spend My Free Time

As a student, during the weekdays I am always busy with my school work. However, during the weekends I get a lot of free time which I normally spend painting as I prepare the coming week. I love painting my friend’s portraits, and sometimes they even ask me to go and decorate their bedrooms. When I was young, my dad used to paint landscapes, and we used to go out for walks with him. He once gave me a beautiful portrait that has been so inspiring to me, and I have never got rid of it. I love painting indoors because sometimes the weather out there gets too chilly. Painting is a great way to make things seem real. I imagine all kinds of things and paint like astonishing houses in heaven, hills, clouds and peoples’ faces. Sometimes I even visit exhibitions in our town and watch what real artists have offered.

People get pleased by my art, and at my age, I feel more motivated. However, I have one portrait of my mother which I painted during the last summer holiday. This picture has been one of my best arts I have ever done. My mother has been my greatest inspiration, and she encourages me to practice more. Moreover, ones my art teacher told me to draw a landscape of our school at the end of term holiday. This experience was so inspiring because the portrait was attractive and unique. I have my painting room at home where I keep my brushes, paintings and several other necessities.  Before painting, I plan it accurately to get a better understanding of my object of study. For instance, I have an elephant portrait that took me one day to sketch its photo and to get to understand the outlines on its head. Then, I arranged the colors I need to complete my picture. Finally, what followed was building up my painting and generated an image that made me proud of myself.

I still have a lot of things I need to learn to advance my art skills. I understand that is different from writing. In drawing one can go out there, build up ideas, rub things and later come up with a more suitable picture. Drawing is more fun and exciting. When my weekends get boring, I usually have a way to cheer myself up. I love painting because it does not cost must and it is always fun. Drawing is also a way of presenting my creativity and requires a lot of practice and devotion. Hence, when I got my colors with me, I can never feel bored.

Drawing has become a big part of my life, but sometimes I fail to do much because of my studies. The little time I get I utilize it with a pencil, paper, and my brushes. The best part of my art is that no one taught me how to draw, I was just inspired by watching my father draw. I learned other concepts from art books, and with days I keep improving. Drawing has been my way of expressing my feelings and also tell people what I feel whenever I could not show it in words.

I believe that to present your art; you do not have to be the most significant artist. When you generate a unique picture, everyone is going to like it. And I want to show all students that there is a better way to spend their free time by investing in themselves. Therefore, in future, I know my painting skills will help me earn a living and also become a prominent artist.

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