How Has The Internet Changed Our Lives (Essay/Paper Sample)

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How has the internet changed our lives

For years, technology has been an amazing resource, with advanced technology, significant discoveries have been made significant changes in our lives. The internet has turned our lives upside down revolutionizing every aspect of our lives to the extent that it has become a lifestyle. In everything, we do we need the internet to make tasks easier. The Internet has changed the way we carry work and interact with people. People tend to spend more time online performing different tasks, several health problems are associated with the internet. Many people are increasingly experiencing eyesight problems and back problems because of sitting for longer periods using the internet. The changes witnessed in social communication are significant, even though people use analog tools in some sectors, new technology is gaining ground every day transforming all sectors. The internet has removed all communication barriers.

The internet has taken away our personal freedom because of the internet, we know everything about everyone at any given moment. With the increasing number of people using the internet, people personal freedom is limited. The key concern about the Internet is privacy. Privacy is the top agenda, especially with the increasing use of social media. Inappropriate use of Internet platforms is becoming the hit headlines every day, including celebrities being in the limelight for posting inappropriate comments or private pictures, to criminal activities like data leakage being common features.

The Internet has significantly affected education, providing limitless possibilities for learning. Compared to other forms of communication like radio or word of mouth, the internet makes it easier to find and access information without much effort.  People can use the internet to share knowledge and develop new ways of classroom teaching and learning. Learners have become more captivated because modern strategies stimulate students’ imagination. Through networking, students are more empowered because they are actively involved in the learning. Accordingly, the internet is the key factor that drives the world economy today, it offers several possibilities of buying products online, including tickets, food and leisure products. It has also become the major distribution channel for goods and services. With the invention of the new applications, conducting business online is more secure creating new business opportunities. The e-commerce has promoted small businesses, giving them the opportunity to grow following the global trend of using online purchases.

Before the internet was invented, getting an idea to be published or reaching a larger crowd would require more resources. With the internet, ordinary people can present ideas using online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and blogs. Allie Brosh is constantly influencing many people through her articles about her life journey. She started by writing informative posts on her blog page, with time she attracted many followers and published one of the popular books.  The internet has given ordinary people the opportunity to share their experiences instead of reserving these powers for the privileged people.

People have much freedom today, people meet, do shopping, chat with their loved ones despite the distance organize revolutions, share their life experiences, ideas and make updates because of the internet invention. There is no doubt that the internet has changed how we live altering our day-to-day life. The Internet provides numerous opportunities and benefits, different people, making it one of the essential services sought by everyone across the globe.

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