How Do Schools Uphold Their Values? (Essay Sample)


For most individuals, the school is our second home because it is where we are going to spend our lives learning. Every person wants to be educated because it is something that engages in a productive pattern to improve a productive lifestyle. As a person, learning is one of the most important experiences that should be adopted by individuals who will take this process as an opportunity to become successful. As a student, upholding values and interests are important because it is where a person appreciates their values and interest to become a productive professional in the future. Learning is engaging in a relationship with trainers and highly qualified professionals who want to share their blessings for the younger generation to follow a similar path to success and as an inspiration to others.

Schools uphold the values of the students by helping to appreciate learning activities. The school is an academic institution that provides learning as an important service for the students to improve their knowledge and skills to become a better professional in the future. A school provides tools and service to the students so that they can overcome anxiety of knowing something that can benefit their knowledge and innocence. There are qualified teachers, administrators, and practicing professionals who are employed to render their academic services for the students. In this way, the value of appreciating the mechanism of education is a productive pattern for an individual to become a professional in the future after they graduate. Guidance is the key for the students to follow the correct instructions and appreciating the pattern of every instruction to become functional and reliable with their respective jobs and institutions.

The essence of discipline is provided by every individual who wants to show that they are able to confide their knowledge while knowing a certain fact. The purpose of allowing a person to follow the proper rules is to ensure that they will learn how to become diligent and obedient. Training the student’s behavior through the application of character development is important because it will strengthen proper decision-making process with every critical situation that challenges a certain practice. Students will appreciate the value of respecting others because it will gain trust and cooperation once that they start to respect the law and become a disciplined student. For this manner, having the intuition of becoming a person who they want to be in the future is attainable due to the proper values that are made by the school.

Teaching the students to be courteous to other individuals is an important practice that teachers always provide to their students. In this way, students will learn to open their minds and hearts to become a responsible person. Valuing the identity of others regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, age, and social classification is an important feature to develop knowledge and skills to become a respectable individual in the future. Having the capacity to become future professionals drives the younger population to have the chance of passing good deeds and continuing the effort becoming a productive individual. As a person who is responsible for their actions and decisions, upholding the values of their character symbolizes responsibility and showing proper discipline to accomplish something that is appropriate without stepping the shadows of other individuals (Mautner, 2009).


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