How Do People Develop Prejudices (Essay Sample)

How do people develop prejudices

We all agree that people are different, people come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. People have different beliefs and from various religious sects. Others have different political ideologies and have different views on how to raise their children. All the differences have resulted to prejudices where other groups of people tend to discriminate others based on their beliefs, which they think, is more superior to others. Prejudice is defined as unreasonable feelings or hostile attitude towards certain groups of people based certain differences like ethnicity, or social or religious affiliation. Prejudice is more of a disease that has been persistent for ages in our society. In most cases, prejudice is gained from experiences of social life that are oversimplified leading to prejudgment.

Prejudice is unwanted yet it also unavoidable practice in the modern society. Prejudice is a common practice that comes in different forms like sexism, racism, and homophobia.  People judge others by the way they look and have preconceived ideas of certain groups of people. Prejudice is developed to serve the interest of certain groups or for self-interest. Prejudice is further reinforced through various sources like the media, parents or other influential adults, religion, peers or simply ignorance. In many instances, people who are prejudiced against other groups of people will l go out of their way to look down upon these people. Some of these prejudice practice leads to the lawsuit while others can result in severe damages, especially if a certain group of people is targeted at once. Prejudice of any kind can be negative to those targeted.

There are several types of prejudice in our society the most common one being racism; racism is a different type of prejudice that has existed for centuries with the most common example being racist against blacks or African Americans.  There are preconceived notions that black people do not belong to America, they are considered to be lazy drug dealers .All these preconceived ideas have resulted in frequent tension between black people and law enforcers cause greater of violence.

Sexual orientation is another increasing concern in the modern society, being homosexual or bisexual is not acceptable by many people across the world. Since almost all religion believes in heterosexual relations,  some people have developed a negative attitude toward not –heterosexual;  they are perceived to be sinners who are immoral and unnatural. Others view homosexuals as sinners and sexual deviants who prey on innocent people more so children.

Religion plays a major role in the society, but people of different faith often fall victim of religious persecution and discrimination.  Both Christians and Muslims are two groups that have suffered because of prejudice. Most Muslims are viewed as terrorists because of the act of a section of radical Muslims with different ideologies. Sex and gender is a common form  where prejudice is witnessed, historically, many people believe that men are better than women are. A common example of sexism is when men earn higher wages and get more jobs while women are limited to certain jobs.

In the modern society, new forms of prejudice include discrimination against people who cannot fit into certain acceptable standards of beauty. If someone is tall, short, and thin or fat, they might suffer from abuse. Unfortunately, prejudice is not a simple attitude that remains internal it is manifested through behavior that results in discrimination and social inequity. Prejudice should not have a place in our society, and the only way to ensure that prejudice becomes a thing of the past is to accept the difference and embrace diversity in our society.

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