How Difficult Would It Be To Invent A New Life (Essay Sample)

When we are born, we are unconscious of the fact that we do not know why we are in a particular family. We are not sure of what we have in the future but our parents make sure that we will get most of the love we deserve to be able to live a life that is happy. We are protected and taken cared of because we are considered as blessing from God. People who are brought up in a happy family and in a normal environment will never think of switching lives with anyone because they are contented with what they have. But life is fairly unfair to everyone that it does not give everything to person and that circumstance makes someone wish to invent a new life. The question is how hard is it to invent a new life?

There are so many factors that make a person want to escape the life he or she is in and invent a new one. It can be because of the discrimination he or she is facing, or it can be because of poverty. The struggles that a person experiences make him or her wish to be born in another life and another family. But how hard it will be to change the life that you have ever since you were born?

In order to invent a new life you will walk away to all your friends and family and start your own life that favors in your own will. It will be very hard and people will tell you discouraging words that will make you realize that you are not able. Inventing a new life can be compared to the transitioning of transmen and transwomen. They invent their new life based on what they feel they are and not based on what is assigned to them. Their journey will be tough and many people will tell them that they are not doing the right thing. They will go through different stages of transition but not all of them will be sure to push through the finish line.

Another example is criminal who ran away from his or her crime. He or she will change his face and name and every little detail about him or her self just to get away from the crime he or she has done. He may be able to succeed but his or her conscience will still call and remind him or her about the old life h or she has left and there is no escaping in that. Inventing a new life is like running away from all the problems and challenges that has been given to you.

Changing your life into a new one is a drastic change that can happen to anyone. It can be sexually, mentally, physically or holistically. It may affect you positively or negatively and it’s just like being born again. It can refresh the beliefs of an individual and make him or her grow more and more. This is the biggest step in either self-improvement or self-destruction. The changes will cause big changes in every aspect of a person’s life that is why it will be very hard.

All of us needs a little change once in awhile to make life challenging and to get rid of the boring elements. Thus, it is much better to embrace the life that God has given you to be happier. We should be contented of all the blessings that are showered unto us and try our best to improve it. Life is always got a little mess into it but all we have to do is accept, love and strive hard to be better people and happier individuals. Inventing a new life is hard so we must be thankful for what we have and work hard to achieve all our aims.

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