How Cell Phones Have Changed Us Socially (Essay/Paper Sample)

How Cell Phones Have Changed Us Socially

Cell phones are an indispensable part of the daily human life. The invention of mobile phones changed the way human beings socialize, the way they transact businesses and communicate in general. Along with other technologies such as social media, mobile phones have totally revolutionized human life. Human experiences have changed entirely particularly from a social perspective as discussed in this paper.

Landlines telephones, the predecessor of cell phones existed for many decades. Cell phones represent a complete transformation in the way human beings communicate. Unlike landlines which relied on cables to convey messages from one person or one end to the other, cell phones rely on signals. Since the invention of cell phones in the 20th century and its widespread use particularly in the early 21st century, the nature and quality of communication have gone a step higher. Today, millions of people of all ages, races, and gender own and use cell phones across the world.

The social life of people has changed tremendously over the last decade. Social media sites, particularly Facebook and Twitter, have significantly increased cell phone users’ access to information. Today, a cell phone user can register on mobile phone social site applications such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and instantly get access to profiles of thousands of other users. He can then chat with others, share photos, and share information instantly. In the modern world, a social media user can see live pictures of an event happening thousands of miles away right on their mobile phone. A Facebook user in remote parts of Vietnam can post live videos of an event occurring in his village and the entire world gets access to it before traditional media sources such as television or radio air such events. Additionally, people no longer have to go to sports events or rely on television to get live access to such events as football or rugby matches. The same is accessible via smartphone mobile application subscriptions. Consequently, users can stay with their families and watch matches live on their cell phones. Families now have more time to interact.

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Essay WritingCell phones have not only made life easier but they have also strengthened connections, mostly among family members and friends. For family members who are far away from one another, probably in different continents, cell phones give them an opportunity to stay in touch on regular basis. It is also economical to call someone who is in distant places than to travel there. For instance, a son in Germany can call his father in the United States on daily basis, which ensures that each of them is updated on the family members’ progress. Furthermore, the use of text messages is widely accepted among young mobile users as a convenient way of communicating. They are cheap and effective. Unlike traditional written communication such as letters, texts are delivered instantly and provide for immediate feedback.

Human life has been made more convenient with the introduction of mobile and online banking services. Family members can now send and receive money through mobile phones. Finance is at the center of most family’s stability hence financial transactions effected through mobile and online banking strengthen family bonds. Furthermore, smartphones have advanced game applications which enable users to keep themselves busy, while at the same time interacting with one another. Online games, such as Pokemon are tension-filled and challenge a user’s mental and emotional capability as they interact with other users online.

In conclusion, cell phones have made human life easier and more comfortable. From the moment social media was invented and popularized cell phones revolutionized human social life and experiences. Games, mobile and online banking among other crucial applications have reinforced social interactions globally. The ability to call and send text messages easily and economically has enhanced people’s social lives.

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