Honesty Does Pay In The End (Essay Sample)

Honesty does pay in the end

Being honest is a moral choice. The majority of people choose good virtues because they trust themselves. Ordinarily, they also wanted others to respect and believe in them. Individuals with robust and undoubted moral ethics and standards have a mass follower. However, without values and basic preference for right over wrong, the trust based on self-delusion fades and crumble before temptation. Characters with clear history get far despite various stumbling blocks along the way. Nevertheless, they emerged the winner despite the traps set out to nag them. The rewards for honesty and good moral ethics are beyond reproach. This essay will examine whether honesty does pay in the end.

Tom Wolf in this context was a brilliant young man with an extreme character of being humble and steadfast to the truth. His childhood career was to become a priest. Wolf was a role model to junior and senior students in the school. He was a down to earth person, committed to his tasks and duties. He rose to fame amongst his fellow students. His moral authority, decorum and decency made him a principal speaker on integrity and honesty. During special school events, Wolf would have reserved seats beside the distinguished guests waiting for his best opportune time to address the audience on integrity issues. Indeed, his live and oratory presentation would deeply touch and convert the soul of many listeners. The young gifted and brilliant man became the favourite of the school principal, but a great envy of other school stakeholders.

The efforts to water down his reputation and integrity was over emphasized. Being a close confidant to the school principal and the centre of power, he was the branded a traitor. It was mid-year examination session, and the setting of question papers was underway. Having an admirable record of honesty and integrity, Wolf was tasked with the responsibility of collecting the question from the different department and sending them to the press. This formidable sensitive task acted as a test for his honesty and trustworthy.

Before examination date, massive leakage of exam papers was everywhere in the school compound. Every student was happy and confident with scoring nothing but grade A. The sensitive news went viral to every stakeholder. High tension and commotion concerning the idea were indeed getting out of hands. Though the school boss was sober and reluctant about the matter, however, it was slowly eating his mind. Dishonesty in the examination is a mega offence amounting to termination. Teachers and other heads of department implicated Wolf for the mess. Surprising, the school boss was adamant to buy the claim. The principal cracked the whip by secretly arranging for a fresh set of exams.

The clue about the leaked examination was dim. Being an attractive and role model for many students, Wolf got modus operandi behind the mess. The examination pilferages conspired at the press during printing. It was unfortunate that one of the students had a close relative working at the media. During printing, additional scripts were printed and sent to the students. Pieces of evidence were traced and presented to the school. The press was convicted and pleaded guilty. The matter was taken up in the court of law, and the press incurred the penalty. The culprit was dismissed from serving the press. Other students and school stakeholders implicated in the matter were also suspended for denying the truth. However, Wolf got relieved and honour. He got motivation and self-determination to perform his duties diligently.  The honour and the respect of the brilliant young man were restored in the school and outside. Honesty is a virtue, and it does pay at the end.

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