Homework Harmful Or Helpful (Argumentative Essay Sample)

Homework harmful or helpful

Kids these days tend enjoy modern technology more in playing games such as Candy Crush, Garden Escape, Cooking Fever, and more; moreover, some games are even made as a sport, or what gamers call e-sports such as the NA LCS of League of Legends and some enjoy social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat by posting their current life events or advertising. For parents, technological addiction or overuse of technology poses a problem in having their child study and a problem for the child himself since they also wish to pass their subjects but wants to exert minimal effort. As much as a derogatory excuse it is for students, some really do have difficulty with school and would rather play games and some even go as far as to play competitively since there is actual money into competing or makes the online world a business for them. As stated earlier, these problems with technology poses a problem in education, putting emphasis on homework, is giving homework harmful or helpful?

Homework has its own up and down side and before I give my verdict, let us first discuss what are the “harmful” effects of homework then the positive ones.

Giving homework is really quite taxing for some. For students who are still at primary level, they may find doing homework an easy task due to the subject matter handling the basics of what everyone should know or at least, their culture. For those in secondary level, they might find the homework time consuming but are still less prone to stress in comparison with those in higher education. For those in tertiary level, it is either a go or no go for them, in particular for those who do not regard their minor subjects with much importance and tend to not do the task/homework given to them since they are more stressed and tired of doing their major subjects’ homework.  Furthermore, homework given to those in higher levels of education tend to have high intake of caffeine or any substances just to stay awake and finish all requirements on time regardless of whether or not these substances such as caffeine or nicotine harm their body in such a way that they induce high levels of stress and only giving them temporal burst of energy. Unfortunately for some students, they tend to harm their body a lot for the sake of passing or getting that top notch grade they have been dreaming of ever since the beginning of their education by intake of food, drinks, or any other substances that would wake them up or pulling all-nighters and to some extent, they do not only sleep for one night but more in order to get that “Pass” encoded in their transcript.

Fortunately, there are still some who find homework helpful. Firstly, homework serves additional points which students badly need to either pass or get a good grade. Secondly, homework also pushes the student to study harder in the subject matter which also gives the benefit of better comprehension on the topic given and ease in answering during recitations or understanding the lecture once their homework is discussed. Thirdly, studying and doing homework can turn into a habit for the student by doing school tasks consistently. Lastly, homework can improve a student’s time management by allotting a set amount of time for doing homework or other school tasks.

Truthfully speaking, I would rather not have homework considering that I can still study the materials at hand way before homework is assigned. Furthermore, I believe that a student should have ample rest at home stress free from doing any other task other than studying for an upcoming exam than doing homework which in most cases, does not even bear a lot of points but only completed for the sake of not having “INC” or “Incomplete” in their transcript of records.

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