History Of Terrorism In Pakistan (Essay Sample)

History of Terrorism in Pakistan

Terrorism is one of the gravest problems in Pakistan. The terrorism act is a chronic nuisance for federation and a horrendous behaviors for the people of Pakistan. Despite having a perceived notion of terrorism as a global menace, Pakistan has to bear the exclusive brunt of the act. The country’s active participation in the War against Terrorism act has extremely worsened the situation. The increased cases of terrorist activities in Pakistan result from social injustice, economic disparity, religious intolerance, political instability and the international conspiracies. Few individuals with vicious and malicious interests to achieve have deliberately painted and indicted the Islamic religion before the world through these heinous acts of terrorism. They have cut short several innocent lives from the society. In Pakistan, terrorist activities like suicide bombing are the norm in the society. The country is extremely suffering from ineffaceable and indelible losses cutting across human life to economic matters. Currently, the terrorists are targeting strategic places like hotels, educational institutes, and even mosques. No place is safe in Pakistan anymore.

Terrorism refers to a calculated deployment of forcefulness and intimidation against innocent souls for the purpose of attaining political, ideological and religious goals. Terrorism is unleashed through incitement to create fear and animosity on people. It involves unlawful use of force against a person in gaining a political objective. Pakistanis are facing immense democratic mayhem. This turmoil is orchestrated by individuals like Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan through their military regime. These series of regimes produced political instability, socio economic downfalls, institutional paralysis as well as incoherent governance. These conditions alongside the declining law and order in Pakistan paved way for a perfect environment ground for terrorism to thrive. Other causes of escalating terrorist activities in Pakistan include inadequate flow of information between various institutions of government. Furthermore, poor government set-up is also other vital factors facilitating terrorist activities in the country.

The rapid spread of militancy and intolerance in Pakistan is attributed to the Soviet Afghanistan war. The Soviet Afghanistan altered the very character of Pakistani society which took place upon the establishment of the Soviet-backed communist regime in Afghanistan. The weaponization into Pakistan gradually developed after the withdrawal of Soviet Community. This action ultimately plagued Pakistan a trend of Talibanisation. The trend resulted in a wave of the vicious cycle of Sectarian and terrorist acts. The new religious extremism which took its in-depths roots in Pakistan after the famous Islamic Revolution proved quite noxious for Pakistan. The danger of Sectarian cultivated various forms of violence.

The American invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, alongside their military operation in Pakistan, are also attributed to the history of terrorism in Pakistan. Moreover, the American drone attacks significantly fueled various religious radicalism leading to violent reactions. The collapse of state organizations in Afghanistan leads to an establishment of a void. This void was quickly filled by personalities who personalize it to propagate the lost battle. Some of these characters invaded into Pakistan territory thus making way for US discontentment. The process of flushing out these intruders fighters by the Pakistan security personnel developed a battlefield in the country.  The foreign militants got reinforcement from their local host to pawn on to the other security personnel. Finally, the drone strikes have contributed to increased anti-Americanism in Pakistan society. The terrorists have taken the advantage of the collateral damage to take advantage of the environment the region for their evil gain. In conclusion, as for Pakistan, the consequence of being the epicenter of war on terror has been disastrous both physically, economically and psychologically. In other words, nobody understands the effects of terrorism than Pakistanis. They have been perennial victims of different manifestations of terrorism since the Soviet-Afghan war.

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